WRITHING - What Happens When WRITHING is Included During a Massage Treatment?

WRITHING - What Happens When WRITHING is Included During a Massage Treatment?



What Happens When Writhing is Included During a Massage Treatment?


Want to feel full satisfaction from each one of your therapeutic Assists?

Include 'Recipient Writhing' into your treatment’s format.

Writhing - The Combined Energetics Exchange Between Practitioner and Recipient

During the writhing exchange, both the diligent therapist and the fortunate receiver’s sensitivities become heightened and positively enhanced.

From my experience, I am delighted to share with my esteemed body working colleagues, that when writhing is conscientiously included and when both recipient and practitioner are in agreement to ‘recipient writhing’ being a part of the session’s therapeutic behavior, then BOOM! Due to the inclusion of a mutual Recipient/Practitioner participation during the exchange, the educational from a hands-on experience increases significantly and, the energy required for the session’s success has also just received a very supportive infusion of assistance.


The valuable cerebral-somatic therapeutic expression, better known as the receiver’s profound and ingraciated satisfaction, has achieved full dynamic POTENCY several times more qualitatively impressive than what would have been accomplished had the customary and more frequently exercised massage methods been applied.

Active - Passive or Active - Active

Isotonic - Dynamic Movements  *  Isometric - Isolated Muscle Contractions.

As an adjective or as a noun, the definition of WRITHING can be an act or instance of twisting about or squirming as from passion’s pleasure or pain, controlled or uncontrolled, etc

Whether the treatment be on a futon or on a massage table or even on a massage chair, when I receive a bodywork treatment, I inform the practitioner that during the various therapeutic applications, I will be writhing the various targeted areas.


When I conscientiously include writhing as part of the therapeutic design, I have discovered that not only do I receive a dramatically more satisfying treatment experience, I have discovered also, delightfully so, that as a practitioner, i also benefit immensely.

“Quantum leaping’ to a visceral experience and a personal investment.

The Practitioner-Recipient exchange gains a much richer instinctual and intuitive sensitivity. The experience becomes many times more remedially effective due to the triggering and introduction of several more secondary muscles and much more bio-activity into the writhing anatomy.

The Therapist Benefits

Compared to musculature and nerve neurologies of the more passive exchange, the therapist, dealing with repeated energizing and relaxing of various bodily regions, is essentially ‘computing’ while responding to much more information from the recipient.

Activated neurologies, including nerve, blood and lymph circulations, factor in valuable education and positive therapeutic experience and personal resolve.

Of course, it is sometimes more advantageous even necessary for the recipient to yield to remain passive during the various applications. This is termed an active/passive exchange wherein the practitioner is active and the recipient is passive.

Of course, the customary and more popularly applied technique of a practitioner- active / recipient-passive bodywork exchange also embodies considerable elemental value.

Sometimes while receiving a bodywork healing treatment, I acquiesce, I submit to lying on the massage table or futon being completely passive, inert and uninvolved.

But sometimes I WRITH!

My Esteemed Massage Colleagues, mutual support, not competition, is Health for our Art. Let’s see each other as Vessels of Divinity, throning in our heart’s palace, in our heart’s garden, in our heart’s kingdom, with as much living detail imaginable, the all-loving Deity of Sacred Light.

Aum Tare Tu Tare Ture Mama Ayu Panyam GiYana Pushteem Kuru Sva Ha,

Your comments on this brief essay please?

Grateful for YOU, Mukti

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