“I Want To Do Sexual Massage as a Career”


One day after class, a female attendee requested a private sit-down talk with me.

In the sit-down, her first words with me “I want to represent erotic sexual massage as a career”. She continued “my mom is a teacher here at this massage school and this is preventing me from pursuing any further sexual massage as a profession”.

As she petitioned a sincere request for advise from me, I remember the conversation with her as she expressed earnest concerns for her well being yet also she expressed a personal determination for her resolve to be and do what she wants as her public and private profile.

On this matter, this intimate consultation was not a first time exchange for me. There have been several ‘shares’. Fortunately, I found myself again, initially anyway, being open and being without any prejudice on her or the subject of sexual massage.

Now, I can feel the massage industry’s hard liners, the orthodoxy out there reading this and immediately coming to a dramatic even unreasonable conclusion…’stamp her and the matter Red, deny her of any further development other than that she must repent from her desires and she needs to seek professional help’.

I can feel the massage industry’s law-abiders with their sentinel-protective intentions to save the respectability of the art. ‘Condemn her as an aberration to the body working arts, no further discussion is needed’.

I can also feel, alternatively, the liberal members of our bodywork field who would wish to create a little space for this discussion and to examine further all her and the subject’s considerations with more compassion and understanding.

In my early years of my massage practice, ie mid 1980s, I was also an advocate of Orgone Therapy as introduced by the Vienna psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich circa 1927. I had read two of his books: Function of the Orgasm and Genitality. I had also favored, for a while, receiving personal sessions with practitioners of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Therapy. Similar to the intense sensuality of Lomi Lomi bodywork, Orgone massage included also the possibility of orgasm being included within the treatment.

Wilhelm Reich proposed, based on his therapeutic experience and empirical studies, that orgastic potency should be used as a decisive criterion for mental health.

Neurotic disorder, according to Reich, was always based on a more or less pronounced "orgastic impotence". According to Reich, if a person were permanently unable to experience a "complete orgasm", it would cause a blockage of the libido, which would produce a variety of disorders. Reich saw the treatment goal of psychoanalytic treatment as the restoration of "orgastic potency". To achieve this objective, Reich further developed the psychoanalytic technique: first analysis of resistance, then Character Analysis, and finally, Vegetotherapy.

Oh! That Person Just Needs an Orgasm!

On the subject of professional and competent sexual massage being represented, fortunately I find my private and public opinions not to be duplicitous but to be integrated into ONE spirit. This is my 'field' beyond tedious judging. 

In my classes, as many know, we frequently have group discussions, sit-downs, on this subject of sexual massage and its potential and possible value as a social and personal contribution.

Incidentally, as a side bar reference regarding the communal and personal needs to include sexuality as a natural aspect of a general public infrastructure, I notice repeatedly that the collective question doesn’t seem to disappear or ever reach any real conclusions or civil agreements.

Indeed, as one of many examples, do we not find just out side of ancient Greek and Roman temples, brick and mortar establishments of bordellos and brothels.

In Vedic lore, in order for the event to be elevated from blandness, Apsaris and female Dhakhini dignitaries were routinely invited to attend royal and political gatherings.

Personally, I cannot claim to be of any significant assistance for her condition. Other than offering, as grist for the mill, my own feelings on the delicate subject of a person officially portraying professional erotic or sexual procedures with remedial intent during a massage session, ultimately, it would be intelligent and important for me to talk with her also about the karma incurred as a result of merging two second chakra sanctities together. 

Despite being a high-profiled popular educator in the massage industry for going-on three decades with thousands of initiated students, I am not desiring to be politically correct nor am i seeking the popular vote. But I have always compassionately sought after healthy remedies.  In my limited scope and practice, I am saddened. Unattended and socially false cerebral-somatic conditioning has been imposed religiously, culturally, politically, hypocritically upon unaware souls. Subsequently, in some cases, I treat some neurotic and crippled clientele and colleagues.

During the decade of the 1970s, I was formally ordained as a monastic within the Vaisnava Sampradaya lineage.

With a shaved head, a new name and lifestyle renounced from everything previously including my family, friends and bank account, my daily routine included two hours of formal mediation at 5am while living under the strict Vedic rules of no sex, no eating meat, no gambling and no intoxication. Under this guise and circumstance, I became the personal dignitary serving amicably as an attache for two different leaders or Sannyasis-renunciates in this religious movement.

Though staunchly fixed, devoted and commendably charismatic within their celibacy and other vows, sadly I witnessed the power of sexuality eventually eroded their, and my, illustrious lifestyle wherein effecting choice of a more balanced and natural lifestyle.

Oh! That Person Just Needs an Orgasm!

However true or shadowed, this commonly used expression: ‘Oh That Person Just Needs an Orgasm’ was a frequently used one-liner, sort of comic relief, in the earlier years of a developing massage industry. I remember occasionally hearing this expression amongst students and colleagues.

The expression, used for a laugh sometimes, occurred for me as a 'hopeful' yet mysterious possibility and easy potential for my contribution to natural healing and positive transformations.

Would I admit publicly to being one of the representatives of the massage arts that have actually, personally experienced the difference between a chronically contracted client, unable to truly relax and a person who has just had a healthy mutually agreed upon orgasm? Yes, I must admit to this energetic exchange being an integral, yet infrequent, aspect of my practice back in the day circa 1980s/90s.

Today, I function as a massage practitioner and educator with a different and renewed discipline studying Vedic Madya Lila Consciousness. If you are interested in this discussion, please inform me to have a chat with you.


Aside from first addressing this student’s obvious ‘Mother’ issues and aside from, of course, inquiring about her COMPELLING 'WHY', while being a well intentioned person and as well as representing a professional role as a therapist, what would be your response be to this student sincerely seeking an authentic representation as a professional sexual massage artist?

In conclusion, without discouraging her, I further shared my experience with this student, and other students with similar interests, that sexual massage requires a responsibility equal to the responsibilities of a brain surgeon and a psychiatrist. I also shared with her my feelings that many years of dedicated education and devoted practice are required previous to assuming a substantial role professionally as a sexual massage practitioner. A professional community would need to be identified and enrolled in as a participant also.

Primarily and personally, I confide that I love to indulge in conversations about two main topics: psychedelics and sex.

Please forgive however abbreviated my writing expression about this important subject may here be.

Yet for the benefits of our noble massage art and esteemed colleagues, please be welcomed to submit your valuable responses and comments to this sexual subject.

Humbly [and probably needing correction] yours, Mukti

Gratefully, YOU have my permission to share this essay.

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