Vedic Conservatory's

Mukti Michael Buck

Founder/Director of the Vedic Conservatory

International Teacher/Mentor

Mukti is the Founder, Director and senior teacher of the Vedic Conservatory. He is celebrated as an accomplished instructor’s instructor in the art of Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork. His 2007 induction into The World Massage Hall of Fame praised him for his career of unconditional loving service to humanity, bhakti yoga, as demonstrated through more than 17 years of continuous traveling and teaching. Mukti has shared his gifts at the best yoga centers, massage schools and health resorts nationally and abroad, teaching over 1000 hours each year in a different city each weekend. Mukti has issued initiating certificates to nearly ten thousand pupils in 7 countries. He has also documented over 13,000 private sessions.

His previous professional background includes graduation from The Swedish Institute NYC in 1984, the advanced program at The Ohashi Institute in NYC in 1985, and The Anma Institute in San Francisco, CA in 1986 and in 1996 Mukti achieved Level Three Instructor status with The International Thai Therapy Association [I.T.T.A]. Mukti is a member of ABMP and a certified instructor with Thai Healing Alliance International [T.H.A.I.] and is New York and Florida state licensed. Mukti is a certified Revelation Breathing Coach and Tratak Meditation Initiator.

At age 20 Mukti accepted TM initiation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, at age 22 Mukti received Shaktipat Transmission personally from Swami Muktananda and at age 24 Mukti was ordained by the renowned Sanskrit scholar A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada into the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya [lineage] as a Hare Krishna monastic and was instrumental in opening several yoga and meditation centers worldwide.

Serafima Di



Serafima Di chose her path as a Vedic Thai Bodywork practitioner more than a decade ago. She believes that one of the valuable experiences that we are missing is a conscience touch.

She is taking care of Vedic Conservatory, which represents Vedic Thai Bodywork all over Europe and USA with Mukti Michael Buck. As a personal interest, Serafima also presents classes for Couples on preparing to become successful Parents and has adapted technology from her VC studies to support pregnant women. Passed more than 2400 hours of training in oriental bodily practices around the world: Sunshine School - Chiang Mai, Thailand; Angelina Martinez Miranda Mexico (hereditary Mexican midwife), Master Ohashi (Japan) Ohashisu Method, Drunvalo Melchizedek ATIH School of Remembering USA, Arizona, Speaker of Canadian Massage Conference 2021/2022.

Her Vedic Thai Yoga sessions are full of smooth techniques and work with BioFiled, Energies, and Chakra System. Also, she has private work with women, working on Feminine Energy and increasing Healthy sexuality thru Tantric Knowledge.

VTYB is an excellent Practitioner-Receiver communication and good clean energy exchange too. Also when conversing, I don’t use the word ‘therapist’ or ‘client’. These terms are too socially and officially misunderstood. For example, a receiver can take only what he or she exactly needs. When you come to VTYB to get answers to your questions - expect that you will find what you have been looking for."

Serafima's Education also includes degrees from The University of Foreign Languages. And Teacher Degree. She is licensed in Russia as a manual therapist.

She sees bodywork as a method of seeing oneself in another, which gives a state of removing unnecessary boundaries of the picture of Duality. Developing the skill of feeling, “hearing”, and communication with the Body through any techniques used in your practice.

''During the courses, we learn how not to be afraid of the Body, we revive natural tactile communication as the main part of interpersonal communication. The ability to touch, to express one's feelings non-verbally, is one of the keys to communication with the surrounding space. We use soft/harmonious techniques from dynamic Thai massage, anma, shiatsu. We take the Chakra system as a basis, as an understanding of the work of energy bodies and their relationship with the physical body.

For example, in the learning process, we immerse ourselves in one of the practices for awakening Intuition.

Vedic Bodywork begins with INTERCONNECTIVITY. We are all completely connected with each other through our actions, speech, touch, and the ability to love and express love, all this is a huge grid of our single Consciousness. Connection. ''

David Brandt

VC Teacher,


Hi, I’m David Brandt, for ever a student of the healing arts. I’ve enjoyed practicing massage therapy and Vedic Bodywork since 2010 in a variety of different yoga studios, chiropractic offices, spas and home settings. With breath, consciousness and precise rhythmic compressions, I offer up a unique massage born out of a desire for healing rather than indulgence. I have the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients from diverse backgrounds and age groups all with different body types. I also have the joy and privilege of teaching for the prestigious Vedic Conservatory the methods taught by Mukti the director and founder of the VC..

My passion for the healing arts started as a young boy living in Missouri. During my summers in grade school I would spend the days hanging with mom, a home health nurse, traveling with and assisting her on house visits. It was during this time that I first witnessed some of the most practical expressions of loving kindness I’ve ever seen. I would watch as she tended to the wounds of the dying with such tenderness, humility and compassion, praying with them, bringing peace and love to departing souls. It is this love she embodies that compels me to share myself in similar ways ultimately surrendering to my highest potential.

For me this would manifest first as a teenager volunteering at a local hospital, then professionally in 2000 as an orderly/assistant in the radiology department, later (in 2002) as an Emergency Medicine Technician and eventually (in 2010) as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Ekaterina Terekhova

VC Teacher


Kerry Tice



Kerry’s passion for movement, learning and teaching began in early childhood and has driven him into a career of movement and teaching, a subject near to his heart. With over 5,000 hours teaching yoga, Kerry has trained hundreds of instructors across the nation. He holds the highest level of registration through Yoga Alliance, E-RYT500. Kerry graduated in 2015 from the Yoga University of Florida (RYT-500) with a specialization in Yoga Therapeutics.  

Yoga studio owner and director, Kerry has presented thousands of hours training new yoga instructors. His yoga studio, CircuSoul Yoga provides classes to the public and is host to many master trainers and instructors. Kerry first started studying Vedic Thai Yoga after his first Thai Yoga workshop in 2011. He has been a diligent student, taking and hosting several Vedic Thai Yoga trainings each year at CircuSoul Yoga. Kerry is a graduate of Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai Thailand where he studied Traditional Thai Massage.

Kerry is a father of three young children who all love to move, play and flow. He is a life-long student who is always sharpening his tools, and diving deeper into the study of all movement, especially Vedic Thai healing.

David Dhanvantari Tietje

VC Teacher

Dallas, TX

David unexpectedly found yoga in 1994 while receiving chair massages at Whole Foods. He started practicing daily, attended classes at Ananda and Unity Church of Dallas and while taking “The Artist’s Way” workshop, began teaching his 'art of yoga' at Unity. He received his 500-hr Yoga Teaching Certification in 2005 through Namaste’ International and in 2006, a friend invited him to attend a 3-Day Vedic Thai workshop.

Upon discovering this 'new' and ancient bodywork, David found a purpose that had always seemed elusive and he promptly attended school to receive his massage therapy license.

Lauren Ward


Since Lauren was a young child, she’s always wanted to be a helper. Even at a very early age, she would often rub her grandparents head, hands, and feet just to provide them comfort and relaxation from their aches & pains. Experiencing a significant amount of medical trauma in the Western medical approach, she decided to seek alternative options for healing and balance. She began looking into more of a holistic approach, while expanding her knowledge through a variety of modalities and teachers. She believes that the body has its own Divine wisdom with how to heal ourselves, and if we can be still and present with what is, she believes the body will guide us with exactly what we need to do, and how to go about bringing balance once again. Anything that helped her in her own healing process, she went and got more training in.


Lauren’s had the great fortune and honor to work with many of the founders of their modality and a variety of spiritual teachers. Including, Fritz Smith ( founder and creator of Zero Balancing), Michael “Mukti” Buck ( founder of the Vedic conservatory), Bruno Chikly (founder of the Chikly Institute for lymphatic drainage), Marty Ryan (founder of love your guts seminars, for visceral manipulation and techniques), just to name a few. In addition to being exposed to a variety of acupuncturists, reflexologists, aromatherapists, movement teachers, and many other healthcare professionals, all of whom contributed to her learning process. She has studied intensively with all of the healing arts since 2002, and has taught at the Lexington Healing Arts Academy, (a nationally accredited massage school in our country) since 2003. She completed a yoga teacher training program in 2011 with Amanda McMaine, who has been teaching yoga longer than she’s been on the planet, studying with infamous Yoga instructors, yoga therapists and pioneers in the Movement world. With over 2500 hours of continuing education, in a variety of modalities, Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge to meet any student's needs. All of her experience has added to her practice and quality of touch exponentially.

  In addition to her basic massage training, Lauren has also completed many Certification programs and holds other titles as well. Including being a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Vedic Conservatory Teacher, a Certified Zero Balancer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and more.

“ I am a facilitator for one to integrate their own body awareness through therapeutic touch. It is my honor to be in service.

Yoga Christy Thorndill


Christy has studied with Mukti since 1999, practicing Thai-Yoga for 11 years as a companion to her Yoga Teaching and Personal Training practice. Christy has a joyful spirit and a true passion for sharing Thai-Yoga techniques with the world, and is excitedly planning many travels to teach both Thai-Yoga and Therapeutic Hatha Yoga in the coming years......