The Vedic Conservatory Official Presenter/Host Policy


January 1, 2019


The Vedic Conservatory Official Presenter/Hosting Policy


Percentage Agreement, Retainer, Expenses, Reimbursements, Tuition Discounts and Complimentary Enrollments.


Percentage Agreement

The customary and established agreement between the Presenter and the Host is 70/30 percent of tuition revenue.


The Retainer is considered the Host's 'good faith' security investment and becomes reimbursed to the Host.

The Retainer is the Host's demonstration of professional curtesy and enthusiastic commitment to the success of the course and the care of the continuation of The Art.

The Retainer is a necessity as it provides the guarantee and coverage of unforeseen financial short-comings and unintended outcomes.

Upon scheduling and securing a course date with the Presenter, the Host is required to deposit a 'good faith' retainer of $1008.00 to the presenter's bank account.

In case of incidents such as cancelation of the course or insubstantial enrollments, the retainer is credited to the Presenter.

Of course, upon agreements between Presenter and Host, the 'good faith' retainer and the reimbursements of expenses is calculated into the final distribution of tuition revenue.

Expenses and Reimbursements

The reimbursement of expenses, for example expenses for lodging, flights, rental car, workbook manual package [including certificates and Meditation Booklet], or expenses for advertisements etc will be an agreement between Presenter and Host.

Tuition Discounts and Complimentary Enrollments

Tuition discounts and Complimentary Enrollments are discretionary considerations previously discussed and agreed upon by both host and presenter yet ultimately decided and approved by the presenter exclusively.


With considerations of natural support and accommodating intentions for all interests and folks, the policies included in this document, by necessity, will sometimes need to be adjusted or 'designed and tweaked' according to the time and circumstances of the Presenter and Host.


This Document Officiated January 1, 2019

Mukti Michael Buck - the owner