Host a Course in your Area

* In order to officially schedule a VC Course, a non-refundable retainer of $1008.00 will now be a requirement of The Host/Sponsor.

The retainer will of course be included into the Host/Provider percentage agreement once the necessary and agreed upon attendance is achieved

*We require a minimum of 12 students per class. Courses with less than 12 students enrolled require mutual agreement consultation with course instructor.

*Facility is responsible for providing adequate cushioning for the class. Extra futons are customarily drop shipped for purchase.

*Facility must be equipped to accept payments. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for individual student reservation. Balances are resolved on the first day of class.

*Marketing, Promotions, & Instructor Lodging, Travel & Compensation is coordinated between instructor/facility & finalized prior to scheduling.

*You MUST fill out the Host Contract & return it via email to Then, PRINT a copy, sign it, & submit it to your VC Instructor on the first day of class.

*Courses typically run from 9am-4pm daily with one hour for lunch. Two-five (2-5) day courses are available for you to offer at your facility.

*Hosts/facilities are expected to be equipped to assist out-of-town participants with general questions about location, travel, lodging, & transportation

Dramatically re-inspire and transform your community with an infusion of Vedic Thai Yoga Massage

 “Sunday was not only the high point of the Festival for me, I would have to say it was one of the high points of my entire massage career. I took a class in Thai on the Table from Mukti Michael Buck. It was the best hands-on class I have ever attended, and I have attended hundreds of hours of continuing education. Mukti is undoubtedly the most charismatic teacher on the planet. The bodywork was sensational. The whole class was in such a state of gratitude at the end of it, we were one big melting pot of thankfulness and grace. I would recommend it to anyone.”

  Laura Allen LMT and National Massage Dignitary


Under the guidance of World Massage Hall of Famer and Founder/Director ‘Mukti’ Michael Buck, the Vedic Conservatory has been bringing the Ayurvedic Thai Yoga healing art of Nuad Borarn, the revered folk art and medicine of ancient Siam, Thailand to thousands of students and teacher trainees worldwide for over two decades. And the results have been awe-inspiring and amazing. The Vedic Conservatory has initiated certification to over twenty thousand students in thirteen countries and is recognized as a leader in the Bodywork, Massage and Yoga communities. Now we would like to bring the benefits of this unique Yoga style to you to share with your students and teachers alike.

If you are a facility Director or Owner looking for new and refreshing procedures to satisfy and re-inspire your staff and clients, we present to you an opportunity for increased success and productivity, as well as a financial opportunity as an incentive for your facilitating our service. There are several lucrative financial options to choose from that will benefit the Hosting Center and its teachers. These can be discussed in detail once you contact us. Please visit the Course Descriptions Page to see the standard course descriptions, and contact Sunanda at the email address below to arrange a workshop at your center.

 If you are a Student of the healing arts and would like to attend one of our workshops, please check our current Schedules Page to see if there is already a training listed soon near you. If there isn’t, we would like for there to be! Contact Sunanda at the email address below to find out how to become a Hosting Agent and host a workshop at your favorite yoga center and get your tuition at 50% off!

For more information on how to host a workshop at your facility or in your area, contact our International Workshop Coordinator, Serafima:

*Please note that this is NOT an opportunity to become an Instructor. That is a completely separate process that has many additional components. 

Nationally Approved CECs with NCBTMB

Approval number available upon request

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