What are Marmani Energetics?

What are Marmani Energetics?

Marmani Energetics

Let’s add a very intriguing and intimate, and perhaps new to some, dimension and possibility to our glorious art of bodywork and massage.

Marmani Therapy

My dear esteemed healing colleagues, I am excited to share with you my experience in Marmani Energetics!

I would have to submit for all to benefit, having now been therapeutically immersed in marmani healing exchanges tens of thousands of times over many years, that successful access to marmani is about COMMUNICATION. Acute communication.

Marmani [marma-singular] are features of Ayurvedic cerebral-somatic anatomy.

Amongst a plethora of other anatomical terms, other more common expressions of ayurvedic anatomy (and the ones that I work with most) would include names such as koshas, doshas, chakras and Nadis or meridian channels.

From what I have gathered, these are all vessels which ultimately accommodate consciousness.

Simple yet involved, marmani are valuable energetic reservoirs or bio-portals, easily accessible, of infinite potential for vital healing transformation. This is good news for hands-on healers.

Marmani, their dimensions perhaps interpreted as spherical while sometimes referred to also as points or regions, are located everywhere on the body. 

Yet there are several significant marmani with power votices that require engagement with awe and reverence. In other words best to proceed with caution.

Alive Bio-Yantras and Mandalas.

There are classically indicated over 300 Marmani constituting our bodies.

Yet if there are many then it can be said that there is also only one Marma ultimately.

And that one Marma is you and I! Yes!


This is important.

Our ultimate remedial intentions, inserted into a marmic entrance with skillful precision compressions and accurate stretch-releases, also require a variety of ultra monitored practitioner modulations including pressure modulation, contour modulation, and modulations of hold and release durations.

Though there is never a substitute for experience, successful Marmani balancing and invigoration would also necessitate the adaptations of several other sensibilities including a refined caring mindset of conscious breathing and heart.

Ultimately there is only ENERGY. Shakti, Chi, Pran, Spirit, Consciousness. God.

One may even express that all diseases, both serious and trivial disease, were originally existing simply as a thought only. Proceeding, progressing, developing further from a thought to a physical manifestation, the thought feeling evolved through all five koshas or bodies inevitably crystallizing into a physical representation.

(So best to get up early in the morning, sit comfortably in meditation and weed out, remove, eliminate those thoughts so that they never develop further from thought into the physical manifestation or kosha.)

It can be perceived that there is, for example, no healthy or unhealthy, no strong or weak, no passive or aggressive and no open or closed.

I practice experiencing the body as a gestalt, if you will, of an energetic hologram or field.

Ultimately, Marmani Therapy is a toning. An activation to sedate or to stimulate the emerging communication exchange between the practitioner and the recipient.

This may feel woo woo to some yet according to Ayurvedic, it is substantive science.

Either way.

The Marma Compression Imprintation Cycle:

Identify, Access, Rescind 

A.K. A. Opening a Wind Gate

Identify the marma, Access and modulate the Marma communication and then gracefully Rescind from the marma’s radiant field.

Collectively, this marma imprintation compression cycle provides the practitioner simultaneously with both a therapeutic message and the curative opportunity to resolve.


Amidst several other positive contributions, I have experienced Marmani therapy to be able to tranquilize anxiety, to correct posture, to induce inspiration, to improve vital circulations, to create a meditative mood and to enhance overall well being. 

To make one feel sublime (and shall i not say sexy!)

For real!

We can acquire so many illustrations and drawings of marmani. So many posters and diagrams.


WHAT IS A MARMA? What does a marma look like? And what is it made of? We must ask ourselves.

In my opinion, Consciousness will ultimately describe the organic constituent of a marma.

I feel through experience, that, for example, consciousness accommodates the fire element yet on its own, the fire element does not essentially accommodate consciousness. And the same can be said about each of the elements. Consciousness ‘houses’ or provides structure and flow or, better expressed, ‘comprehends’ the elements but not vice versa; the elements do not comprehend or provide structure or ‘house’ consciousness because consciousness is the most subtle force or influencer.

There are seven major chakras or wheels in classical yoga.

In the Egyptian system of chakras, there are thirteen major wheels.

In the Tibetan system, there are many chakra wheels constituting the body.

Same can be said about the many chakras. There is in fact only one chakra. And that one chakra is the person, YOU and I as a whole integrated field.

And of course, the same can be stated about the meridians system.

In Ayurvedic medicine, there are  72,000 meridians careening through the body with sixteen major energy channels as the ultimate representation.

Yet again it can be theoretically expressed that there is only one meridian. And that one channel is the person. It is you.  It is I as ONE FIELD

Grateful, mukti


Thank you for sharing this article

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