Two Kinds of Compressions, Two Kinds of Stretch-Releases and Four Persuasions

Two Kinds of Compressions, Two Kinds of Stretch-Releases and Four Persuasions

There are Two Kinds of Compressions, Two Kinds of Stretch-Releases 

Momentary and Sustained

Relating to therapeutic body-work methods, I have found that there are two major types of compressions and there are two major types of stretch releases.

Four Persuasions

In addition, during a treatment, I feel that there are also four primary therapeutic persuasions.

There is a descending or a ‘going into’ persuasion.

There is a conscientious pause or holding persuasion.

There is an ascension or a relenting persuasion.

There is the transition to the next application persuasion. 

A Persistent Question

Significantly, I have discovered that for practitioners and therapists, an important and pertinent question frequently emerges.


How long or for what duration of time shall a various assist, stretch-release, compression or transition be sustained? 


As a suggestion, I feel a general rule of thumb [no pun intended] and a good answer to the question of how long an application should be sustained is at least for one full respiration or for one full positive affirmation or complete mantra invocation.

Sound as Therapy

Being that time is very relative and ethereal, especially during a therapeutic session, anyone of the four persuasions, ie descending into, holding, releasing from and transitioning to, can be richly effected and amplified to its full intended satisfaction by imbuing the therapeutic Intentions or Assists with a supported and sustained sound, such as a mantra invocation, an enchanting prayer or the resonant breath.

Also, while involved in the therapeutic application, a practitioner may vocalize the anatomical names of the Chakras, Marmani and Nadi Channels. This is another excellent and intelligent augmentation for fulfilling the original and purest intention of the healing magic.

Be invited and sincerely welcomed.

Pursue this fascinating bridge which is bonding the amazingly grand Arts of Massage and Yoga.

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