Touch Confidently

Touch Confidently


Touch - The Christening Which Alights All Other Therapies

Expertise in loving touch is an art of inestimable value for human survival and growth. 

The craft of Touch is found in all its sister crafts.

For example:

• Aroma Therapy requires distinct touch and rubbing techniques to fulfill the administering ritual. 

• Talisman Therapy or Yantra-Mandala Tattooing Medicine requires Body touch. 

• Crystals and Gemology requires confident touch with placement of the crystals. 

• Vastu or Feng Shui requires touch. 

• Acupuncture and Herbology require touch. 

• Dance and music require touch. 

Yet sadly, from what I have witnessed, many in the therapeutic community struggle to touch with confidence and security. 

From what I have gathered, many ‘practitioners’ in the therapeutic community are literally hiding their talents behind their  credentials because of the inability to confidently touch. 

Loving Touch Sanctity

Regardless of what our healing contribution is, regardless of what we are representing within the healing world, whether it be crystals, sound, aromas, dialog processing, sweat lodging, herbs, nutrition or yoga and massage, LOVING TOUCH IS THE DIVINE EMBRACE

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