Samadhi Meditation

Samadhi Meditation

Samadhi Meditation the Priority of Vedic Bodywork


Ultimately, during a session of Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, a predominating, conscious intention naturally arises. This organically-emerging intention is the desire to have the recipient achieve Samadhi Meditation during the session.

What is Samadhi Meditation?

Samadhi Meditation is a pure and joyful universal trance.

Samadhi also denotes a revelation of soul and a spiritual rejuvenation.

Samadhi is a personally sourced access of refreshing vitality from within ourselves.

Samadhi is pure ecstatic trance. Child-like enchantment and marvel also describe this highly cherished yogic achievement known as Samadhi. Loving trance and unmotivated adoration upon the object of our personal beloved certainly describes Samadhi.

Samadhi is an ultimate spiritual state being likened, as an example, to the celestial romance between Their Lordships Sri Sri Sita and Rama of the Solar Dynasty or the cosmic dalliance of Sri Sri Radhe-Shyama of the Lunar Dynasty, the Youthful Heroes of Classical Vedic History.

Vedic Bodywork is all about one’s ability to become Love, so as to be able to transmit Love, the most powerful healing energy. 

During a session, if one’s prevalent obsession is contented simply with the myriad of positive physical benefits while unfortunately being blind to the inclusion of Samadhi meditation, then one is setting oneself up for future disappointment and un-fulfillment.

Samadhi is not tainted with either of the polarizing opposites.

The dramas of good or bad, strong or weak, on or off, positive or negative, life or death, success or failure, ugly or beautiful, youth-ing or aging,

Samadhi is the undifferentiated wholeness and primordial being beyond Maya's veil of polarity and tapestry of duality.

The nature of duality interferes with and ruthlessly dictates while enforcing an unsavory judgment and mentality. 

Undeniably, the nature of duality tyrannically rules the mind and thus steals the realm of transcendent or Samadhi from our opportunity and also from what would otherwise be an exquisite treatment. 

As controversial as it may seem, pain and suffering are very good teachers. Pain and suffering’s sovereign presence is to be honored because of their status as positive contributors to the fabric and essence of healing.

For example, think about the times when we were at our best and most authentic within ourselves? Wasn’t it after we had ‘the car accident’ or after we had ‘the heartbreak’? Or weren’t we most childlike in innocence after we had the sorrow of a close one passing away?

Samadhi is essential and perpetual unborn oneness. Samadhi is unaffected by the phantasmagoria of the illusory veil of duality because Samadhi is duality’s Mother, creator, origin and source.

First –Om- there is ONE Samadhi

Then-Om- comes TWO duality

During a treatment, when I find myself being overly concerned with the removal of stress, tension or discomfort, and when this concern then becomes an obsessive over-exertion or when attaining the release of various ailments and the elimination of suffering persistently rule the intention of the session to become the main focus, then unfortunately, the treatment’s true essential becomes absent from the bodywork experience.

Consider please that we don’t want the ambiance of the session to succumb simply to goal-oriented technique: i.e. the removal of pain and suffering, stress and anxiety. We want to honor these energies as messengers. They are gatekeepers to instinctive homeostasis, dignified and integral balance and harmony.  

We opportune to open instead to the innate and uninhibited full potential of the art actualizing itself without limitations.

In order for transcendent Samadhi to occur, the ‘You’ must disappear from the modus operandi of the treatment’s equation. This will require where ‘you’ are merged in absorption of ‘oneness’, thus disallowing any evidence of a receiver or a giver.

Yet ironically however, ‘You’ is where the Samadhi magic is originating.

‘You’ are indispensable and yet must always be the vital component.

So who is ‘You’?


Fundamentally, a skilled and professional Vedic Therapist has been taught that all spirit/energy emerges into the top of the cranium and flows downward. This same energy also radiates from the inside of our being actualizing itself outward. 

From the top downwards and the inside outwards first.  This is the healthiest perspective to refer to. 

From the top down and from the inside out we intervene divinely and cosmically.

What is the source of this energy entering the top of our heads?  

The source is SAMADHI!

In Ayurvedic medicine and assisted asanas or yoga, the physical body is called Annamaya Kosha. The physical body is manifested as a final frustrated episode of the spirit-soul’s disoriented odyssey disconnecting from its light-body Vijnanamaya Kosha. 

Within the limitations of this body, our present awareness and the constraint of our five senses’ inability to permanently satisfy us, are symptoms of the futile effort of the pure spirit-soul’s sojourn in bondage. This frustrated awareness is continually juxtaposing itself against the infinite ideal of true freedom and joy which is Samadhi.

This disillusioned physical body intensely desires fulfillment and freedom because it is also continuously remembering its original home and constitution of unceasing contentment.


During a treatment of Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork one will experience the opening of sacred consciousness channels and the unblocking of congested chakras and marmas, or power vortices. I feel that all of these astoundingly-wondrous impressions are originating from Samadhi, are about Samadhi, and ultimately are the achievement of Samadhi.  


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