During a body-work treatment, there is a significant therapeutic difference between 'pushing' and ‘leaning’.

I have discovered that when I push into a recipient, then I feel that I’m accessing only the sensitivities or ‘computer-proprioceptors’ positioned in my arms exclusively.

Yet when I lean elegantly upon a recipient, then I feel I’m accessing computers positioned all around my body including the valuable central region of the belly area.

Also, when a practitioner is attempting to determine the correct therapeutic duration of an intended compression or stretch-release application, the sterile methods which use the counting out of incremental numbers during the compressions and stretch-release application, is inferior to the more desirable and effective techniques of applying the vocal sounds of sacred mantra blessings, positive affirmations or the conscientious pronunciations of the classical names ascribed to the various bodily locations.

Whether the terms are of Japanese origin such as Tsubos pressure points used in Shiatsu or Anma styles or whether it is the Ayurvedic tradition of various Marmani and Nadi-channel Sanskrit names or whether it is the Thai terminologies of Lom and Sen meridians, including the resonant vocalizations, ascribed to the targeted regions, will positively enhance and better consummate the well-intentioned procedures.

Revered anatomical names such as Supreme Stream, Abundant Splendor, Churning Rope, Fortunate Nature, Gushing Springs, Gate of God, Meeting of the Mountains and many more terms, when articulated during the intended therapy, will provide the receiver, as well as the practitioner, a more true and more effective resolve

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