From my experience, for a practitioner to attune well to the recipient’s essential therapeutic needs, whether kneeling along side the fortunate receiver or standing along side the receiver at the massage table, the procedure of conscientiously resting the hand[s] on the receiver’s belly is a recommended and intriguing method to initiate any treatment.

Soft and Generous, Leafs Resting on a Lake - Petals Resting on a Pond

These metaphors, Leafs Resting on a Lake and Petals Resting on a Pond, describe well the required  hand sensitivities of the practitioner in order to attune with expertise to the receiver’s needs.

Perhaps you will also agree that the casual approach and the soft demeanor of the practitioner’s attitude, along with the generous nature of the practitioner’s attunement methods, will provide a simple enough sensitivity to successfully offer the desirable applications.

Becoming One

Primarily and in order to obtain optimum results and also to transcend the limiting impositions of our ego, I feel confidently that the internalizing of our awareness or the engagements of our inner somatic mechanisms, such as for example the flexing and relaxing of our perineal and solar plexuses, the arching of the back, the retracting of the chin and being with our inner drishti's third eye, will maximize the practitioner’s reception and perfect somatic and cerebral posture and thus enable a practitioner to better 'become one' with the art and to better become one with the recipients desires.

For the practitioner to 'become one' with the therapeutic intention, as well as becoming one with the recipient’s equilibrium, is a highly cherished therapeutic achievement and refreshes the practitioner with heightened awareness.

Enhancing the Quality 

While the hands are resting on the belly as 'Petals resting on a Pond, As leafs Upon a Lake, a practitioner may significantly enhance the quality of the therapeutic intention to energetically balance the visceral vitality by including the classical application described below 

Antagonistic and Complimentary Resonances

Considering that the belly’s intestinal folds are exchanging associations with various vertebra and also sharing communications with various teeth, and considering also that the viscera are being influenced by various hours, astrological energies, personal emotions and elemental controls, the belly’s characteristics also include vibrational information categorized as Antagonistic and Complimentary forces.

I have discovered that the Antagonistic and Complimentary resonances, such as hot and cold areas, empty and full areas, expanding and contracting areas, hard an soft areas, dynamic and inert areas and passive and active areas, are obviously reflecting internal conditions yet these resonances are also offering a healing opportunity to incur a powerful homeostatic response.

Along with other adjunct techniques for the navel region, such as ‘Knife Hands’, ’Shark Fins’, ‘Clenched Fists’, ‘Stirring’, ‘Vibrations’, ‘Waving’, ‘Resistance’, ‘’Friction-ing’, 'Twelve Zone Therapy' and 'Sacred Geometric Designing’, The Vedic Conservatory teaches  unique methods to induce belly vibrancy with many rewarding visceral and emotional benefits for the recipient.


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