Changing Cellular Memory

Changing Cellular Memory


The Center of the Therapeutic Bull’s Eye?  Healing’s Primary and Most Valuable Target?


In his Ted presentation, Dr. Leonard Schalkwyk, a PhD professor in psychiatric epigenetics at the School of Life Sciences in London, offered an interesting comparison. He felt that rocket scientists may have it easy compared to what is required to understand cellular memory. He also shared with his audience that questions such as ‘what is sleep really for’ and ‘is death inevitable’ have not yet been really worked out scientifically. He expresses that the question about how does a cell remember is a question of that same order and this question about ‘how does a cell remember’ has not yet been fundamentally comprehended either. Dr Schalkwyk brings us deeper by explaining that a cell not only has to adapt but in addition a cell must know what its job is also. As a metaphor for the path that a cell takes in its development, Dr Schalkwyk uses the example of a ball rolling down a curving landscape wherein the ball must instantly adapt to the landscape while also remembering what its job and purpose is too.

Now working on what causes age-related memory loss, Dr Eric Kandel won the Nobel Prize in 2000 for identifying the physiological changes that occur in the brain during the formation and storage of memories. In one of his one and half hour educational lectures, Dr Kandel expounds on several biological mechanisms of both long term and short term memory pathways including the functions and processes of protein synthesis.

For over fifteen years Harvard Psychiatrist and Professor of Neurology Dr Gary Schwartz has documented many cases of heart transplant patients exhibiting identical behaviors to their donors.

Dr Paul Pearsell is a cardio-neurologist from the University of Honolulu. His work demonstrates that the heart has neuron anatomy similar to the brain. He also presents undeniable and irrefutable evidence that heart transplants bring with it the memories of the donors.

Good For The Healing Profession

Yet I have a laugh here as, embarrassingly, I’m not the guy to go down these brilliant academic rabbit holes and astounding current research right now but I’m happy and obliged to refer my esteemed body working colleagues, yoga enthusiasts, health practitioners and healing professionals to explore and discover more about this amazing opportunity to easily heal and transform others at a cellular memory level.

As I dive into the intriguing subject of Cellular Memory and as I attempt to express in writing the value of changing or appropriating cellular memory to its primordial or original resonance, I want to express also that as an important therapeutic offering to the healing Arts of massage and bodywork, I believe that Changing Cellular Memory is not only one of the top-most important health contributions, I also cannot escape the feeling that transforming cellular memory is an indispensable even primary objective for all therapists who want to achieve true emotional and physical resolve. 


I am writing about cell memory because changing cellular memory is an intriguing therapeutic consideration which will also empower sincere healers and bodyworkers with a reliable procedural direction and an agreeable treatment goal.

I am writing about cell memory because the comprehension of positively modifying cellular memory can be, as a way and a means to a remedial ambition, an all encompassing aspiration and a session’s all consuming purpose.

I want to contribute and express in writing my appreciation of the awesome experience and mysterious effects of implementing adjusted and advanced cellular memory sensitivity as a therapeutic objective.

I also want to share my enthusiasm about how easy and aligning it is for a practitioner to access the energetics of cellular memory. [Please read my essay on Internalizing Awareness.]

A Top Most Benefit?

Maybe there is something otherwise yet I feel that even beyond the benefits achieved from oxygenating the blood, beyond the benefits achieved from removing metabolic toxicity and releasing obstinate muscular adhesions, beyond the benefits achieved from increasing ROM and improving the vital circulations of neurons, lymph, interstitial fluids and blood, and beyond the benefits achieved from improving posture, dissolving discomforts and enhancing emotional fortitude, for me, for nearly four decades as a teacher and practicing Ayurvedic Marma point and Nadi massage therapist, changing cellular memory is at the top of the list of achievable healing benefits and reigns most venerable, again in my opinion, over all other treatment aspirations as a therapeutic intention and goal.

Mukti’s WooWoo take on Cellular Memory

Due to, of course, the influx and conditioned responses of environmental influences, religious influences, political and cultural influences, financial and intellectual influences with of course family influences being one of the strongest impressions, I feel Cellular memory is an embedded alchemical and electro-magnetic download of these surrounding influences into the organics of our body’s biology and the cognizant tapestry our mind’s psychology.

As a practicing therapist with professional abilities and tempered talents to successfully address and naturally dispel pain and discomforts and even return a damaged and traumatized bodily region to normal and functional integrity or primordial resonance, I am astutely sensitive to the infinite intelligence and healing potential embodied and living within each cellular anatomy. I am also invigorated by the healing opportunity afforded by understanding cellular memory which seems second to none and never to be foregone in therapy.

The Unfathomable and Inconceivable

Within the describable and indescribable, within the comprehensible and incomprehensible miracles of life, we occasionally come to momentarily glimpse upon an astonishing wonder of Being. Cellular Memory CM is one of those true wonders.


From my thirty five year experience in private practice with thousands of sessions and teaching the Ayurvedic style of massage internationally to thousands of students for twenty plus years, I would want to conclude by suggesting that healthy and vibrant residual memory of the cells previous original condition of vibrancy, integrity, balance, function and pure representation remains in tact during trauma and during challenging health conditions can and should be accessed.

Entering into the rabbit hole to understand cellular memory and to positively advance and adjust it requires, of course, knowledge about chemistry and biology yet also requires the ‘x’ factor of spiritual faith and compassionate heart.

I am fascinated to discover that within the therapeutic community this topic of ‘Cellular Memory’ is an intriguing and satisfying theoretical indulgence. 

The topic of Cellular Memory can be simultaneously a simple and an all encompassing therapeutic purpose for practitioners.

I personally have witnessed more than one of our most celebrated and accomplished healing and bodywork representatives fade when faced with the question of ‘what is cellular memory’. 

I sympathize indeed as I observe amusingly other teachers simply smiling and offering a languishing comment such as ‘please allow me to be with the question for a while before I respond’.

And of course we have those who have attempted a response albeit apologetically. I again sympathize with them also. 

The Ultimate and Primary Target?

Transforming or returning cellular stature to its original resonance, could it not be the Holy Grail and center of the therapeutic bull’s eye?

One thing is for certain, once I became aware of the technical and theoretical convenience and practical application of cellular memory, it now pervades every aspect and level of my honest assessment and progress in therapy. 

Thank You for your considerations and comments, mukti 

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