As a conscientious therapist, I have to ask myself the important question ‘what is the source of the power that triggers and activates the reflex points? 

To be an intelligent practitioner, I must internally inquire during a treatment, where is the source of the energy that incites dynamism into the zones and invigorates positive viscera function?

As a conscientious practitioner with the desire to achieve the most effective therapeutic results, I must ask myself ‘from where does the life come from which will consequently transmit animation and electrify the revitalizing power to the channels, marmani,  organ activity and brain?

Personally realizing the experience of HOW the transmitted therapeutic intention or ‘purposeful invigoration’ is accessed and channeled is a very valuable propriety for a healing artist. For myself, this realization or understanding of HOW, WHAT and WHERE helped me empower and enhance my therapeutic intention.

I want to share with my esteemed and honorable healing colleagues a valuable discovery. Maybe this discovery is a truth or maybe the discovery is simply imagination. Either way, the method works for me and also seems to positively effect the receiver and the students.

It seems to make a whole lot of theoretical sense too.

Sharing this valuable insight with my colleagues, I want to preface this discovery first by including the importance of consistent maximum capacity, full respiration breathing during a treatment. And second by emphasizing the indispensable importance of the use of imagination. 


All glories and reverence to Earth’s living and surcharged atmosphere. 

When this originating power, Gaia or the Mother Earth field, is thoughtfully invited into and interwoven with our maximum capacity inhalations and exhalations or Purekha and Rachakha breathing, our therapeutic expressions, intentions and techniques then become perfectly enriched to easily achieve their natural objective.

YES! The power is also originating from within ourself and this consideration, that the source is also originating from within, is of course part of the internal and external organic alchemy or blend.


During our bodywork treatment, I encounter a knot, a pressure point, a spasm, a contracture, a trigger point, a reflex zone, an imbalance. 

At this special moment, I gently close my eyes and envision as the source of original life power the most pristine forest, the most primordial mountain range, the most immaculate seaside or purest landscape imaginable. 

And consequently at that same moment, while also offering reverence to my bio-mechanisms of respiration by engaging my perineal region and relaxing my solar plexus and diaphragm, I initiate the deepest and most refreshing maximum capacity inhalation breath or Purekha.

I want to to dynamically energize my being with invigorating life by fully and deeply drawing in with my breath the spirit and vitality of that remote and rejuvenating pristine environment. 

With each of my cells amplified and satisfied by this nourishing and magical light, I now focus and target my exhale to essentially ‘trip’ or open the reflex feature or trigger point ‘fusebox’.

Perhaps my point is made more clear by describing a very undesirable scenario.

If, while exchanging therapeutic intention with my client, casually applying my therapy, I am thinking some mundane thought like ‘did I forgot to clean the bathroom this morning’, then this very undesirable and unacceptable transmission becomes the quality of energy that floods the channel and careens into the targeted destination such as a marma, a chakra, an organ and its function or the brain to name but a few. 

I type this now with a certain ferocity because most therapists, in my fourteen country and fifty thousand initiate experience as a teacher, HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF MEDITATION! 

These unprepared so called practitioners wander into a healing theatre with a meandering mind not realizing the poisonous impact of their thoughts.

I must not write any more about this yet must conclude by emphasizing to all massage and healing therapists to GET OUT OF THE WESTERN MIND AND BEGIN PRACTICING MEDITATION!

Note: The accompaniment of mantra recitations into maximum capacity breathing will further enhance the therapeutic influence.

Thank you fo your kind considerations into this matter and please forgive my frustration and arrogance, mukti 

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Sekou - July 11, 2021

Quality bodywork requires one to be fully present. Energizing my body with deep breaths during a session allows me to connect with my clients and ultimately take them to a meditative space.
Very insightful Mukti. Gratitude! 🙏🏾❤️

Sekou - July 11, 2021

Quality bodywork requires one to be fully present. Energizing my body with deep breaths during a session allows me to connect with my clients and ultimately take them to a meditative space.
Very insightful Mukti. Gratitude! 🙏🏾❤️

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