Quantum Touch -Refined Bodywork to Feel More and Learn More!

Quantum Touch -Refined Bodywork to Feel More and Learn More!

Active / Passive Exchange compared to Active / Active Exchange

Customarily, bodywork and massage procedures adapt the practitioner-receiver exchange to exhibit the practitioner being active while the receiver assumes a passive and yielding manner.

 However, when the treatment instead expresses the receiver being active also, rather than the usual passive response from the receiver, both the practitioner and the receiver will benefit with a much more satisfying and fulfilling experience including, due to the increase in the receiver’s conscientious muscular activity, that both the practitioner and the receiver will quantum advance their learning experience forward.  

 When contrasted with the receiver’s passive body simply submitting to slack and yield, instead, when the receiver writhes and pulses, flexes and extends, contracts and softens distinct areas of their body, the epicenters under the therapist’s focus, be it the shoulder, be it the neck including in fact all regions of the body, will disclose and bare, both to the practitioner and the receiver, much more depth of anatomy and effect.

 When I choose, as a recipient of a massage, to be quite active as a receiver on the futon or massage table, I can personally attest to feeling so much more of a satisfying and enriching session. The illusive discomforts and deep gnawing aches become easily accessed and eliminated with the active-active massage approach.

Writhing’s Bare Truth

For example, while the practitioner is applying manipulations, for me to lift and rotate my shoulder-trap region, or to move dramatically my hip flexors, hip extenders and hip rotators, for me to conscientiously animate during a treatment each and any of the practitioner’s targeted bodily areas, for me to writhe in every direction possible bares vulnerable and open the superficial and the deep anatomies while also providing a quantum increase and an additional exhilarating learning experience for both the practitioner and the receiver.

Alternatively to using the active-passive approach to massage, yet how much more we, as body working artists, will feel and affect while expressing the healing art of touch from an active-active access style.



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Dvolkots - June 21, 2022

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