QUIET TIME - What is The Quality of Your Therapeutic Presence?

QUIET TIME - What is The Quality of Your Therapeutic Presence?

*What is The Quality of Your Therapeutic Presence?

*Can Computers and Robots Heal?

*How to Achieve a Quality Presence in the Therapy Room.

*Beyond What?

I believe that an ultimate therapeutic presence is required to decisively catalyze and consummate a therapeutic intention.

Whether the eastern style of healing or the western style of healing is being personally represented, I feel that a sentient and compassionate soul is the ultimate effectuating and essential magic in therapy.

Can Computers and Robots Heal?

Perhaps I am now taking the liberty of over-riding the knowledge of mechanistic science, notwithstanding how far short I fall of any scientific qualifications, yet i submit here an intuitive question: 

Is the mysterious thaumaturgy, or the magical inducement of a wondrous, benevolent, charitable and sympathetic consciousness, the ultimate ingredient responsible for finalizing the decisive therapeutic intention or, for example, can a computer or a machine accomplish the ultimate bodywork treatment?

We have witnessed surgeons using computers and robots from the other side of the planet to affect a variety of remedial  operations including heart, lung and other organ repair, yet again, despite being on the other side of the planet using a robotized computer, isn’t the surgeon’s caring and hopefully kind spirit also an ultimate aspect of the healing inducement?

Despite using a variety of devices, mechanical  gismos and gadgets such as bolsters, straps, extensors, thumpers, heat lamps, pulsators, vibrators, steam and analgesics, including the treatments of Occupational, Physical and Sports therapies, i suggest that customary bodywork treatments cannot achieve successful therapeutic and curative resolve without the practitioner’s inclusion of a conscious loving awareness. 

Applying various pressures, angles and durations to target somatic and cerebral discomforts, imbalances and trigger points including affecting muscular insertions and tendon origins, the western methods of bodywork, such as Swedish, Cranial Sacral, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Myo-Fascial Release, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, and other contemporary massage styles, will ultimately require the quality of the therapist’s presence to conclusively provide the definitive remedial ingredient?

I was invited by The Borgata Spa in Atlantic City, NJ to present a three day course in Vedic Table Massage. Upon arrival there, I was informed that one of the most important goals that the spa admin wanted to achieve was to regain quality and restablish a renewed and inspired staff. 

The entire massage team had become so un-present and so dismally embedded in a lack-luster massage routine that the formally prestigious spa was loosing all kinds of revenue!

How to Achieve a Quality Presence in the Therapy Room

There is nothing more valuable for an aspiring body working artist than to indulge themself each day, routinely and regularly, in an uninterruptible hour or two of absolute ‘Quiet Time’.

Of primary importance and an indispensability for a quality therapeutic presence is the vital experience of Quiet Time.

Either with or without the cardinal vestments of prayer, conscious breathing, a sanctified inner voice, reciting inner mantras, positive affirmations or simply comfortable vippassana sitting, a practitioner who is equipped with the blessing of Quiet Time’s refreshing bath of spiritualized rejuvenation and personal renewal, can now personally contribute to the session this important essential organic while also expressing and animating the unified heart of the transcendent ‘Beyond’.

Beyond What?

Therapeutic assessments such as healthy and unhealthy, living and dying, male and female, youthing and aging, pleasure and pain, are, of course, so very valuable to include into a successful session’s assessment formula.

Yet equally, if not even more importantly, in my opinion, is to also introduce into the session’s therapeutic exchange, and introduce to the client, the hallowed presence of a Deity or the presence of a divine blessing or ‘bestowal’.

A practitioner who brings to a session’s therapeutic intent the unwanted distractions of cerebral logistics while also being devoid and unaware of the soul’s indispensable contribution of compassionate awareness and well being is prohibiting the potentials and miracles of healing.  

While of course being quite therapeutically valuable for healthy client profiling and remedial assessments, a practitioner, however, who brings to a session’s therapeutic intent the irrelevant dualities of reasoning and the unnecessary and excessive mental considerations of polarizing opposites, such as is characteristically common with practitioner’s healing obsessions with loss and gain, happiness and distress, ease and disease, strong or weak, old and young, etc, while again also being oblivious to the soul’s vital and indispensable contribution of empathy and tenderness  is again contaminating the pristine possibilities of quantum positive transformations.

Due to overlooking the positive and valuable roles that discomfort and pain in the alchemy of healing, a treatment, where the healer’s sole focus and motivation is exclusively evidencing the removal of pain and discomfort as the the goal and end all of therapeutic intention, is of inferior quality and contribution. 

Regular and Routine

Quiet Time Quiet Time Quiet Time Please 


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Jeff - June 21, 2022

Good read. A present minded human with an intentional touch is where the love is at.

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