Percussion as a Therapeutic Tool

Percussion as a Therapeutic Tool

Percussion as a Therapeutic Tool  

Percussion as a therapeutic tool is an absolute delight to induce and also embodies a cornucopia of beneficial value to receive. 

Second to none in effectiveness, skilled therapeutic percussions will contribute maximum effectiveness and benefits. 

Percussion therapy reins supreme as part of treatment or even as a whole session. In fact, in order to qualify as a true professional, a skilled therapist must be able to demonstrate familiarity and experience with durable and extended percussion treatments.

The various percussive methods are actually all just one technique which also demonstrate several various hand modifications. For example, Prayer Chop Percussions and White Cloud Percussions are really the same application yet with different hand positions. All percussions share the same purpose. The hand positioning is the only difference.

Alternate Applications for Greater Results

Thumb Cup percussion alternately offered with White Cloud percussion or Prayer Chop percussion alternately offered with Thumb Cup percussion secures greater results.

Repeatedly alternating, for example, on any one bodily location from cupping percussions to white cloud percussions will produce miraculous reliefs. 

The seven main therapeutic percussions are: 

Cupping, Prayer Chop, White Cloud, Thumb Cup, Tapping, Reverse Tiger Claw and Grasp-Releasing.

The most common and popular percussion application is, of course, the cupping percussion.

Sad Truth

Despite the cupping technique and other percussive techniques being quite simple to apply, a therapist’s educational and developmental years, unfortunately, omitted the distinct details, the importance and the value of percussion as a refined therapeutic procedure. Hence percussion strokes are routinely offered haphazardly and without the necessary attentiveness and duration required to fulfill its remedial contribution. 

For example, the cupping percussion must be conscientiously distinguished from any haphazard similarity to slapping. Common evidence of an inexperienced percussive therapy is indicated when slapping and cupping percussions become muddled-up with each other and loose their distinctions.

Practice on Our Own Bodies

In order to see the undeniable value of Percussive Therapies, I recommend practicing continuous percussions every where on our own and other’s body.

To become confident and effective with any of the therapeutic percussions, it is strongly recommended to practice diligently on our own body. For example, cup percuss and or prayer chop percuss repeatedly and incessantly every where and any where all over one’s own body. Contour percussions upon the arcs and arches of the deltoid, upon the arcs and arches of the arms, upon the arcs and arches of the chest, the belly, the legs and upon the arcs and arches of every body area. Create the sound of the cup, the chop, the tap, the puff and the slap.

Slapping percussion is, however, very effective and highly recommended for therapeutic rejuvenation of the face. Thumb Cup percussion upon the plantar aspects of the feet is an excellent technique for improving circulation and addressing neuropathy or tingling of the feet and toes. 

Prayer Chop Percussion is supra effective upon the superior traps and spinal column musculature assemblies.

Deliver Precision Percussions - Invest Your Best

In other words, invest your best with each and every percussive delivery.

Previous to venturing into a professional session, all the percussive methods require much practice.

The key to success with percussion therapies is to achieve the perfect resonant sound, natural  contour and accurate impact point.

When initiating a percussive stroke, never throw down the forearms. Instead, simply dropped  the hands or twist the wrists.

Throwing the forearms downward is an example of an incorrect technique. The excess intensity  from throwing the forearms will induce a counterproductive response. The receiver’s body will respond with fight or flight. The practice of simply dropping and/or twisting the wrists repeatedly onto the body’s targeted area will eventually develop the desired mastery of percussion’s charm and profound positive effectiveness.

Sonar - Radar

Indeed, percussions are identical to the principals of sonar and radar. With sonar and radar, as with percussion strokes, an impulse is directed towards an object and a response signal then returns indicating the effect of the intent.

Discover the Enlivening Invigoration 

Apply any of the percussive methods repeatedly and with the focused therapeutic intention. Achieve the most pleasant yet most resounding resonance and contour attainable. With each and every percuss, our intended perfection is the penetrating sound, the calibrated contour and the durable intensity.

Sets of Threes are Revered as a Symbol of Infinity.

This simple pattern, the sets of threes, has its transformational roots deep in various healing traditions and when conscientiously asserted during a treatment has profound sedative and curative effects on the nervous, endocrine and other systems.

As an enhancement to a percussive inducement, repeat three percussive contacts, upon any one bodily location, while also mentally interpreting the sets of threes as: open, enter, close.

As an alternative pattern, the sets of threes may be also issued and interpreted as gentle, firm, gentle with the ‘firm’ aspect requiring twice the amount of duration and calibrated intention.

Yet sets of fives, sets of sevens, sets of nines etc, or any conscientiously offered sequential formula, also holds reverence and achieves fine therapeutic effectiveness within the healing and massage theaters.


During the percussive treatment, include vocalizations and recitations of the various mantras or prayers. The marmic and nadi channels and other anatomical structures and assemblies will respond and produce amazing reactions and desirable results.

The mind holds a natural proclivity to various resonances. The mind is ultra sensitive to vibrations, patterns and rhythms.

The mind and body’s mysterious inclination towards the conscientious resonances of mantra, prayers and positive affirmations is a well-researched phenomenon and the inclination is also an excellent natural attunement and automatic bio-response. The mind and body will record and orchestrate these various impressions to become animated with healthy movement and motion.

Use patterns and rhythms to enhance the effects of percussive and all therapies. 

Two Important Fundamentals of Percussion Therapy

There are two very important fundamentals of percussion therapy that will naturally augment a positive effect and a professional performance:

  1. Always initiate the percussion intention with the hands resting upon the recipient. Otherwise the distance’s potential between the practitioner and receiver may cause a startling, counter productive and unacceptable response.

2. The sound, the resonance, the reverberation, the percuss, is an indispensable and essential                 aspect of the percussive contribution.

Achieve the Most Perfect Resonant Sound and Contour with Each Impact

The consistency and fluid characteristics of penetrating rhythm and hypnotic patterning percussion embodies, within its own merits, a consummate treatment. 

In my opinion, an expert at body percussive therapy could successfully use percussion exclusively, such as rhythmic and patterned palm cupping, thumb cupping and or prayer chopping, to eliminate any deep bodily contraction, remove illusive joint discomforts and liberate stubborn fascial congestions.

I have personally discovered that well placed and conscientiously intended percussions easily effect profound sedations and pleasant therapeutic tranquilizers. 

Amazingly, percussion techniques are also very valuable when being applied to the cranium. Including the use of prayer chop and white cloud techniques, the cranium responds positively with welcoming and aligning expectations. Much practice is required.

Again, always remember to initiate the application with hands resting upon the receiver and also remember that the determined sound and contour figuration is a vital and indispensable aspect of the therapeutic offering. 

Deep knee, shoulder and hip discomforts also respond very well to the simple use of patterned and rhythmic penetrating percussions.

Become Experienced with Percussive Therapies by Practicing on Yourself.

Each percussive contact wants to receive our full loving awareness. Invest heart fully your pure intention into each percussive chop, cup, puff, slap, lift, tweak and tap.

Despite, for example, that the percussive application initially failed in its attempt to resolve the therapeutic intention, to clear the targeted discomfort or to resonate the intended impact, persevere to develop your craft to perfection. Repeat the percussion patterning application with prayerful determination until the desired impact, depth and resonance is satisfactorily accomplished. 

Expect occasionally that some of the percusses will be limited in effectiveness. Yet remain confident as this is our opportunity for the next immediate percuss to be better and best!

Devotion to the Art will provide the ultimate experience in percussive therapy

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