Conscientious Rhythm and Patterning - Enhance the Quality of your Treatment

Conscientious Rhythm and Patterning - Enhance the Quality of your Treatment

Conscientious Rhythm and Patterning 


Enhance the Quality of Your Treatment with Numbers and Repetitions


Our soul embodies an inherent proclivity for being sensitive to patterns and rhythms. We naturally exhibit this proclivity, for example, when we enter a person's home and express spontaneous appreciation for their various interior designs and stylings with floor and wall coverings.

Again, we naturally exhibit this inherent soulful proclivity when we compliment a person for how they are accessorizing an outfit. We also evidence our natural penchant for rhythm when we unconsciously tap our foot or our pencil to a distant melody. 

I have discovered that to embellish the quality of my bodywork session, I have the enlivening opportunity to conscientiously include a pre-determined set of repetitions and patterning during the treatment.

As an integral aspect of any session’s protocol, the deliberate use of numerical patterns, rhythms and sequences will add an element of charm and fascination to the session for both the giver and the receiver. 

I feel that this energetic is accomplished partially due to the mind’s natural radar-ing ability to detect the predictability and regularity of the design and rhythm. Subsequently, the receiver’s mind expresses comfort, security and confidence with the ease and familiarity of predictability.

Numbers are of a Sacred Origin

Originally, letters were conceived from numbers. An example of letters being conceived from numbers would be, of course, the binary code system used in computer programming. 

For both the giver and the receiver, that patterning and rhythm are embedded and originating from a sacred source will further fulfill the feelings of deep comfort and security during a treatment. 

Say, for example, that, during a treatment, we are offering a recipient the influential Ankle Rotation Therapy.

We can bring much more effectiveness to the handling of the Ankle Rotation sequence by including our meticulous and silent internal counting of a predetermined rhythmic set and number of rotations. 

We Want to Be Conscientious During a Session

Forgetting to include rhythmic patterns and sequences may result in a dull, unfocused and uninspiring bodywork session. Forgetfulness of the importance of including rhythmic patterning and sequencing with our treatment may also result in our tendency to be inattentive during a session.

Being inattentive during a treatment is absolutely breaking a cardinal rule and an absolute no-no in the massage arts. 

On a positive note, the practicing massage artist, who is conscientiously including a pre-determined set of increments such as 3, 7, 9 21, 54, 72, 108, will consequently also provide a opportune cadence in which personal expertise and session quality can be naturally fostered.

Repetitions and patterns create a time signature and a charm which provide focus and meter without unwanted haste and without loosing awareness. 

By aligning our conscientious respirations with our treatment’s repetitions and patterning, we further enhance the sessions potential and ultimate grand experience.

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