How to Rejuvenate Your Hips

How to Rejuvenate Your Hips

The USA had over 100,000 hip replacement surgeries last year

This Assist is affectionately referred to as Chopsticks.

Otherwise known more professionally as Bi-Medial Adductor Release, the practitioner comfortably  wedges’ the feet between the receiver’s adductor muscles.

With the therapeutic intention of compress releasing the adductors while also utilizing the greater trochanter or hip bone to ‘plunge’ the acetabulum or hip socket with refreshing ‘vitals’, the practitioner gently brings the receiver’s ankles together.

Repeating the chopsticks procedure several times with varying intensities and durations, the practitioner has successfully ‘flushed’ the hip socket with rejuvenating energies such as oxygen and lubricating fluids.

The Bi-Medial Adductor Release Application is recommended to strengthen and support the mobility and stability of the hip function.

Emotionally, the hips significantly effect our mental outlook relating to balance, foundation and security also.

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