Yoga is the science of the self and soul linking or Re-Membering  Divinity and The Creator Lord.  

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotional love and Smaranam means to Remember to Remember this love, our Venerable Deity, and also to remember to remember our natural substance as light and love.

Despite the many varieties of Yoga systems, such as jnana, nada, kriya, hatha, karma, dhyana, bhakti and others, the purpose of Yoga is to direct our consciousness to realize our essence as eternal, wise, and joyful.

We are informed in the sacred text, The Bhagavad Gita, that the embodied soul or Jiv-Atma has a luminescent capability!  

The Vedic sutras inform us that our ultimate destination, our spiritual home, is not illuminated by the sun or the moon or electricity.  Our ultimate destiny is illuminated by our soul’s loving consciousness.

The Body and Soul are Sacred Geometric Designs or Multi-Dimensional Mandalas. 

Vedic Bodywork, as presented in the authorized curriculum of the Vedic Conservatory, reviews this generated field of energy, the body and soul, as a Divine holographic atmosphere.  

The symptomatic variegated forces and their channels and cul-de-sacs, meridians and marma areas, are manifestations of our selves as pure spirit.  

Perceiving the body and its life force as a thought, a Vedic Massage representative ultimately proceeds best when serving as an instrument of the divine.

Adopting the Vedic culture’s Varna-Ashram-Dharma’s social system, The Vedic Conservatory and its participants offer the contribution of Ayurvedic Yoga Bodywork as a community gift for all to benefit.  

As a piece of copper becomes transformed when it is touched by electricity, so does an individual’s consciousness become spiritualized upon receiving Yoga Massage.  

Divinity is inherent in this Body-Art’s medicine and we recognize and hold reverent its potential.

The Vedic Conservatory’s education addresses the individual as a spirit-soul that is giving life to the body.  

Through the noble healing art of Traditional Vedic Bodywork, our intentions are to balance one’s vital emotional and physical energies and to actualize manifestation of an inspired, refreshed and compassion-filled, radiant living entity.

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