How to Refresh the Lateral Lower Arm

How to Refresh the Lateral Lower Arm

Rolling Forearm Method

The technique being demonstrated in this image is a Rolling Forearm Method.

The area just distal to the lateral elbow is a cornucopia of physical and emotional therapeutic value.

The soft padding of the practitioner's medial forearm and the eminent sharp edge of the ulna bone delivers a rhythmic rolling and a precise penetration to the receiver's supination and pronation functions or wrist rotations including the delivery of a sense of deep satisfaction.

Richly rewarding, the fortunate receiver experiences a refreshing vitality flooding into the area.

The Rolling Forearms method is a superb treatment for tennis elbow, cold extremities, poor circulation or any discomforts from repetitive actions or 'tingling' desensitized fingers.

Three main nadis or channels on the lateral forearm are cleared as adhered fascia is comfortably opened and released of congestions thus allowing improved circulations of blood, nerve and lymph.

Be invigorated?

Athletes, musicians, writers and all interested in 'fine tuning their Ferrari, their body' will benefit remarkably.

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