The Simulated Turnover

The Simulated Turnover

While standing alongside the massage table next to our client, The Simulated Turnover can easily be applied with inspiring results!

Requiring that the practitioner’s hands be precisely positioned, one palm over the other palm with fingers flexed, the area between the greater trochanter and the ilium crest or the lateral gluteals will initially receive the practitioner’s full therapeutic focus.

For the practitioner to effectively stabilizing and leverage the receivers mid-section successfully and just previous to the practitioner applying the therapeutic ‘turnover’ to the receiver, the practitioner will need to also position both thighs against the table.

The elevation height and counter weight is important

If we elevate or lift the receiver’s mid body too low or too high from the supportive surface, then we will loose the necessary advantage from the receiver’s counter weight.

When elevated to a perfect height, the counter weight of the receiver’s upper and lower body, in addition to the practitioner including a sustained holding intention, will produce the very desirable hip and lumbar fascia release.

Several benefits occur with The Simulated Turnover procedure

Positive postural alignments, vertebral adjustments, stimulation of the glandular functions and an improvement in vital circulations of blood, neurons and lymph, are all elegantly achieved with the simple Simulated Turnover Assist.

We want to offer the Simulated Turnover several times with varying sustained durations including the valuable abrupt and instant release too. 

Allow gravity to apply its therapeutic magic

With this delicious procedure, we are going to use the influence of gravity to align our recipient's posture and easily remove deep tension from their pelvic, hip and lower back regions. 

The sudden or abrupt ‘letting go’ or quick release of the receiver’s mid section from the high elevation will effectively by-pass the body’s flight and flight systems while also inviting gravity as an instrument of positive correction.

To be most therapeutically and emotionally effective, always remember to apply the instant release while the receiver is exhaling.

I love to use the ‘unexpected’ Abrupt release!

Repeat the delightful Simulated Turnover method to the receiver’s other side. It is recommended to apply the Simulated Turnover several times at different intervals during the session.

The Simulated Turnover technique is also easily applied on a futon with the practitioner either in a modified Diamond Position or while assuming a respectful lunge-straddle over the receiver.

Easy-Peasy Styling!


  • Hip and knee surgeries.
  • Acute arthritic conditions at the sacrum, hip or knee areas.
  • Severe varicosities.
  • Abdominal hernias.
  • Sacral-Iliac Strain


  • Enervates pelvic and leg neurology.
  • Increases cardio-pulmonary circulation.
  • Removes congestive muscular adhesions at the hip, knee and sacral areas.
  • Enhances qualities [psychological] of balance, stability and foundation.
  • Promotes sexual vitality.
  • Naturally promotes healthy alignments. 


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