The Transition is Equally as Important as The Application

The Transition is Equally as Important as The Application

As therapists and healers, let’s use music as an example to describe this fundamental spirit, ‘The Transition is Equally as Important as the Application.’

Indispensable to the overall effect of a musical composition are the rest notes. The rest notes embody as much potency as the applied notes.

The same is true for Vedic massage treatments. As Bodyworkers, we do ourselves and of course the recipient a powerful service when we implement into the session the understanding that ‘The Transition is Equally as Important as the Application.’

There is no need to continuously barrage the recipient with excessive ‘applying’ energy. This reveals an inexperienced and oftentimes insecure practitioner. Overwhelmed with feeling inadequate or ineffective, a practitioner will compensate for these feelings with a relentless outpouring of manipulation and ‘busy’ness.

Feeling that we are not ‘earning our keep’ or feeling that we are unworthy and inauthentic as a participant in this healing drama, healing practitioners must understand that their value is in the quality of their presence.

Please know with certainty that smooth, effortless transitions, executed between the applications, are equal in therapeutic value to application techniques.

Invisible approach and nonchalant rescinding, when combined with intuition, adds an infusion of profound well-being and relaxation to the session. 

I oftentimes instruct my students to move and be “like a ninja” during a session!

As we transition between applications, I want my entire body to become like a satellite dish. I want to ‘Zen’ for a few moments. I want to become fully receptive to being guided to the next position. 

To Know Nothing of What to do Next

It is recommended to assume within ourselves that we know nothing of what to do next. This will certainly open ourself to a full intuitive response. An intuitive response is ideally and optimally what we want as therapists.

An Intuitive Response

An intuitive response is much more desirable than feeling that we always ‘know’ what to do next and that we are always in control. 

Always being in control is considered false ego or Ahamkara and inevitably this will culminate in physical fatigue, emotional embarrassment, and limited effectiveness.

We want to come from a ‘not knowing’ and consequently a child-like innocence or Vairaghya will pervade us and enable us to offer a very refreshing and satisfying treatment!

Always remember, as an additional empowering enhancement for offering another high quality treatment, 

 The Transition is Equally as Important as the Application.

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