Books - Vedic Table and Futon Massage and Bodywork

Seeking Quality Bodywork Inspiration and Education?

"Mukti! Thank You sincerely for your 30 years of dedication to the massage and bodywork industry! Your books on Futon and Table methods must be found in all serious massage therapist's library! Man! Your books are alive!"

The Most Comprehensive Instructional Books on the methods and theories of Southeast Asian Table and Futon Massage and Bodywork.

The ‘How to’ of offering quality treatments! The Golden Art of Table and Futon Ayurvedic Bodywork including Thai and other Southeast Asian massage methods is here for YOU in prone, side-lying, seated, and supine postures!

 There is today an immense world of massage and an immense world of Yoga. Mukti's Vedic style is the bridge marrying the worlds of Bodywork and Yoga!