A PD is an essential procedure to utilize frequently in any massage or bodywork session. A PD is a procedure that, I feel confidently, may be utilized in any of the variety of hands on treatments including Ayurvedic, Nuad Borarn, Lomi Lomi, Traer, Cranial Sacral, Myo-Fascial Release, Swedish, Rolfing, Neuro-Muscular, TuiNa, Anma, Chiropractic and other physio-therapeutic sports and recuperative procedures.

However, by the indication of the title, one would think that a Psychic Disconnect would have a disregarding, disrespectful and even harmful and contrary bearing to a healing session. After all, like any art, becoming one with the object/subject is a qualified goal and an aspiring achievement.

So why Disconnect?

Wouldn’t ‘disconnecting’ be considered an antithesis of a procedure? A PD sounds like an escape or an abandonment and a process that is possibly revealing a weakness about the practitioner.

Indeed, success for any procedure must include the practitioner’s connection with consistency, steadiness, uniformity and regularity.

Yet a PD seems by its definition to fly in the face of all that is required with massage and body work.

In fact, despite a PD ‘seeming’ to define all that is undesirable and counter productive for a healthy session, the PD that is being addressed here is in fact a most valuable and beneficial contribution for any positive treatment.

In fact, the absence of a PD could be considered principal and crucial to affecting negativity and disease in a treatment or for the practitioner.

A Psychic Disconnect

A PD is an emphasized segment of time during a session, perhaps as short as one full respiration or as enduring as a minute and longer, where the practitioner physically remains in contact with the receiver yet momentarily dis-connects mentally, emotionally and spiritually to ‘internalize awareness’.

What is Internalizing Awareness IA?

For a practitioner to truly achieved the intuitive ‘one-ness’ with the receiver and to truly achieve the desirable oneness with the receiver’s essential needs, the ‘internalizing awareness’ process, experienced just previous to initiating any therapeutic intention, must be affected immediately and routinely.

Purpose of PD and IA

One of the main purposes of utilizing the Psychic Disconnect PD and the Internalizing Awareness IA process is to access more therapeutic insight and sensitivity than what is commonly provided exclusively by just the five senses of touch, vision, hearing, smell and taste. 

The Five Senses are Limited in their Scope of Action and Very Subject to Making Mistakes and Misinterpreting Important Symptoms and Assessments

Why would a practitioner want to access more help than what the five senses would provide?  Is there a critical reason and benefit for this internalizing process? 


For example, during a Vedic Conservatory’s three day class, my students would learn close to one hundred and more procedural assists. To be most therapeutically effective with each and everyone of those one hundred lessons, I would also teach the student to momentarily ‘internalize their awareness’ immediately just previous to initiating any therapeutic intent. 

Consider how the vision is so limited that its scope includes only the immediate area with no capability to see what is happening even down the hall or out in the street. The hearing is so limited that its scope reaches no further than the local space and without any capable sensitivity to hearing even outside or in the next room. All the senses, including the mind, are   subject to making mistakes and are also very limited in the ability to induce positive effects.

For a practitioner to exclusively rely on the five senses and the mind is to negatively jeopardize the therapy and the treatment’s contribution.

Internalizing Awareness, just immediately previous to initiating any therapeutic intent, is a valuable advantage for any therapist to use. IA is undeniably a greater resource of healing potentiality.

The PD process and the IA process are both refreshing and precise methods which are natural and simple yet vital to achieve and activate.

While connecting very conscientiously with the receiver’s body, the practitioner will assume a comfortable and relaxed position in whatever posture is being assumed, either standing, kneeling or sitting.

The process of a PD and IA begins with the practitioner accessing or becoming aware of any  internal function. Envisioning the inner Drishti ‘Jewel’ between the eyebrows or engaging the perineal’s Mulabanda chakra affords the practitioner many advantages integral to the process including a sense of greater homeostatic balance and a refreshed and inspired spirit. The processes of accessing the inner Drishti and Mulabandha also comfortably provide the essential PD and IA too!

This ‘flexing’ of the perineal/anal musculature along with its naturally ensuing demands for an excellent and full expression, automatically focuses consciousness internally at the core center. As a result of this internal focus, a momentary ‘forgetting’ or ‘disconnecting’ occurs. Fading away from awareness all else including the whereabouts of the hands and the purposeful intention of the treatment, the practitioner experiences a refreshing and needed perfunctory lapse which consolidates, amalgamates, empowers and surcharges the spirit soul with delicate and astute sensitivity and renewed vigor.

In order for the practitioner to restore, re-energize and ‘reboot’, A PD and a IA are absolutely indispensable and ultimately very supportive for any session. Without the advantages of IA and PD, a ‘draining’ and a ‘diffusing’ of every thing positive, including talent, determination and intention, inadvertently develops and unfortunately befalls the practitioner.

Take advantage of the PD and IA processes so many inspired long years of quality dharmic contribution may live.

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