Ujjayi Breathing-Spiritual White Sound

Ujjayi Breathing-Spiritual White Sound



Ujjayi Breathing

Are the elephants, the whales, the dolphins, the felines, the rhinos and so many other animals all using Ujjayi breathing to acclimate themselves to the here and now of their environment?

It indeed sounds like it.

As we inhale and exhale full respirations through the nasal conduit, currents of circulating energy resonate within the sacred sinus chambers, the throat and the chest cavity. 

As a result of this, the pleasant and tranquilizing sound of Ujjayi Breathing is produced.

The Sound of the Wind, the Sound of the Ocean and the Sound of the Cosmos

The resonances produced from Ujjayi Conscientious Breathing can, ultimately, replicate perfectly the sound of the Wind, the sound of the Ocean and the sound of the Cosmos.

 During a session of Yoga Massage or Vedic Body ‘Metta’ Physical manipulations, we can access the fortunate opportunity to experience the feeling of these resonances by engaging the use of Ujjayi Breathing.

A White-Noise Generator 

 Each time before his massage, my client, a practicing psychologist at Princeton University in New Jersey, would turn-on his little electrical black box, a white noise generator, for the purpose of providing a background droning sound to induce relaxation.

This white noise electronic box always proved an effective adjunct for enhancing the quality of the treatment.

Technological white noise and the Ujjayi breathing resonances are of the same purpose and goals.

Severely afflicted and symptomatic of unrest-fulness, anxiety, an inability to focus or accomplish tasks, society’s populace  will benefit from the use of The Ujjayi Breathing experience .

Having been personally saved from a devouring monster of depression and sorrow, Concentrated Breathing proved to be a very desirable and recommended ‘medicine’ of relief.

For a society’s people who are obviously confounded and compounded with the variety of imposed and unnatural conditionings from religious, cultural, familial, political, financial and environmental influences, concentrated breath control, I feel, is an excellent experience to subdue, remove and eliminate these concerns.

The mind is the bio-computer living in the center of our cranium.

The mind can also be compared to a radio tower continuously emitting waves and pulses of organic chemical and electrical energy.   

In order for each of us to be intelligent, responsible and civil, the scrambled-noise generator of the unattended mind needs to be replaced with a universal filter which will bathe away personal feelings of negativity and social isolation.

Both intelligent persons and bewildered ones are subject to being spellbound with the STATIC sounds of the mind.

Rendered by the white noise of Ujjayi Breathing, the resonances will homogenize the tapestries and textures of the brain’s radio tower. 

Heard during a session, one might feel that the Ujjayi Breathing sounds would be a disturbance and everything but tranquilizing.  

With all that deliberate nasal and chest resonance being projected, one would think that the possibilities of serenity and tranquility would not be possible.  

Yet quite the contrary, I have discovered that, during a Vedic Yoga Massage session, Ujjayi is an exquisite attunment for both the practitioner and the fortunate recipient. As a positive enhancement for the treatment, I feel that properly induced Ujjayi Breathing can be a lullaby, a melody like the song of the ocean, the song of the wind, the song of the cosmos.

Customarily, the volume of Ujjayi Breathing , like the volume of the ocean and the wind, is meant to be heard by the people surrounding you. 

 Vigilance is Needed 

Typically however, I have found that Ujjayi Breath Sounding is not the status quo in the Body-Working Arts.

 I have only rarely received a massage when this wonderful sound was persistent through out the entire massage duration. 

Yet, the more Ujjayi conscientious breathing the better!  

 Proper Ujjayi will precipitate use and necessitate positive development of the belly’s muscular assemblies also. 

This is most desirable, as can be read about further in the essay, “All Motion Originates from the Belly”.  

The belly-navel is referred to in Sanskrit as Nabhar. Nabhar is defined as a ‘bright shining stone that solves and remedies’. The navel is a good friend to cultivate mastery of Ujjayi breathing. The belly region is family to the process of Ujjayi Breathing.

 Embarrassingly enough, I confess that I am part of the common disenfranchised practitioner. 

Having only occasionally departed from that bad habit of ‘stinking thinking’ during a session, I repeatedly fail to bathe in the refreshing waterfall of light known as Ujjayi Breathing!  

I wish the blessed wonderment of bathing in the rainbow waterfall of Ujjayi Breathing upon you. Please wish the same upon me.

Our Soul, the Goal, is more Intimate than Thought and Closer than the Breath

A true surrender to the natural grace of Ujjayi is not difficult and it is a path of least resistance however, ironically it is the path MUCH less traveled.  

You like to fly?

Let’s you and I commit this moment to host Ujjayi Breathing each day for our personal revelations and health!  

Each day or evening, beginning with just three full respiration cycles, we can commit to gradually, over the next year, achieve 108 full respiration cycles of Ujjayi each day!

 Massage school directors, 

For massage therapy, Ujjayi Breathing must become a fundamental lesson.

No longer must concentrated breath control go unattended as a learning experience.

Regardless of what the educational decree of the day is, introduce topics of Ujjayi Breathing or Kapalabhati Breathing as a primary lesson as all subjects are made brighter and more joyful by the luminosity generated with conscientious breathing.

This moment…

Inspire what you want-Expire what you don’t want.

Free Breath Means Free Spirit.

Breathe like you are running to your love.

Breathe like you are being victorious!

Breathe open deserving life and love,






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