Pretreatment Mindsets

Pretreatment Mindsets


Pretreatment Mind Sets


With any session of Vedic Massage, certain ceremonial ‘rituals’, so to speak, are recommended. Expressed just previous to proceeding with a session’s therapeutic applications, these rituals maybe compared perhaps to a painter choosing appropriate colors and tones. These rituals may also be compared to a gardener predesigning a mystical landscape. These mindsets are tools for procuring the best possible outcomes, and these established ‘mindsets’ only require a momentary thought!

Another indispensable session-enhancing contribution and also for initiating a treatment, the practitioner may direct the receiver’s awareness towards their breathing process also.

Directing the receiver’s conscious awareness to the sound of the breathing and also to the bio-mechanisms of breathing will positively enhance the quality of any session. 

It is always important for the practitioner to also articulate clearly to the receiver that “Conscious breathing will enhance the quality of your session.” 

The truth is that conscious breathing will wonderfully enhance the quality of our moment-to-moment living also. This includes conscientious breathing while walking, talking, or doing any of our other usual actions.

Share with everybody that fulfillment and contentment awaits with conscious breathing!

Purekha Inhalation and Rachakha Exhalation

One particularly delightful technique, gracing the Vedic meditation books since time immemorial, is to instruct the receiver to “breathe in deeply and freely from the feet and then to exhale deeply and freely through the top of the cranium. Then continuing the breathing exercise with incrementally increasing volumes. Repeatedly inhaling then exhaling through various regions of the body.

To my experience, it is also always a very effective and pleasurable suggestion for the receiver to image-bless each full respiration with a color, a sound and a fragrance also. 

The Cosmic Nest

Along with several of impressions, suggesting the image of a Cosmic Nest and suggesting the image of 'surrendering to gravity as a nurturing and comforting embrace’ is how I like to conclude these brief exchanges with the receiver.

Counting Backwards from 108 

The practitioner may also remind the receiver to remain conscious of the number of respirations being experienced. The suggestion to the receiver to count backwards from 108, for example, always procures a remarkable and charming affect on the psyche. 

It is undeniable that the breath resonance is identical to the sounds of the wind and the sounds of the ocean! 

I have noticed that these pleasant directives are always so deeply appreciated by the recipient!  

Conscientious Practitioners

Now, directing the living light of consciousness inwards towards ourselves as a practitioners, here are a few more ‘tools’ that I would use to augment the creation of an even deeper and more effective treatment.

So as to awaken the dynamic plexuses, it is recommended for the practitioner to always maintain a flowing yet progressive posture with chest up/chin-in. In Ayurvedic thought, the solar plexus, for example, is also known as the second brain! 

Internalizing Awareness

Being conscious of the internal centers or bandhas, such as the perineal region or the Mulabandha function, will secure for the practitioner the optimum access and distribution of vitality. Nutritional, emotional, sexual, intuitive and of course therapeutic intent will achieve its highest impact with the inclusion of an internalized awareness. 

For both the practitioner and for fortunate receiver and for developing  optimum sensitivities, I attune to the receiver’s heart of hearts, the receiver’s breath of breaths, and to the receiver’s soul of souls or the fire of fires. This process embodies the potential to release my awareness from the dreaded restrictions of the logical and rational mind. This process of attuning to the receiver’s psycho-somatic energetics also embodies the potential to liberate awareness into the very desirable and necessary intuitive realm. 

The customary habits of being analytical, being judgmental and diagnosing are unnecessary and impede the flow of being. I want to Be and not Do.


The ‘Ceremonial Rituals’ included within the Pretreatment Mindsets’ may also involve the practitioner in feeling a moment of reverential thought and a moment of respectful acknowledgement of their past educational history and influential teachers.

This practice will always remain an absolute aspect of any pre-treatment mindset.


Another indispensable aspect of any pre-treatment mindset is Vastu. Vastu or Feng Shui is a spirit or consciousness of a favorable design. Vastu is arranging a harmonious surrounding and an auspicious environment. The colors in the room, the sounds, the directions, the fragrances,  the textures and the vitality are all elements that contribute to honoring Vastu in the moment. Vastu is the Sacred Space which transcends and values intuition’s natural displacement and emergence over logic’s insipid characterless-ness.


Becoming ONE with the recipient is an effective approach for healing and transformation.

In order to circumvent the incessant distractions of the intruding mind stream, invoke a UNI-VERSE or a one verse internal recitation.

That is, sanctify the inner voice with a positive affirmation or a prayer. Repeating an inner recitation of a mantra will mentally move the awareness beyond the incessant tapestry of duality and the relentless veil of polarity distractions. Feel the valuable integration of the giver and the receiver into a therapeutic ‘Oneness’ by removing the labels of, for example, old and young, healthy and unhealthy, male and female or you and I.

To welcome the astounding revelation that the person receiving therapy is my own soul! This is an intelligent way to proceed. The weaver becomes one with the tapestry, the dancer becomes one with the dance, the sculptor becomes one with the image and the archer becomes one with the target. 


Wai Khyru is a traditional distinction of an authentic and professional session. Pretreatment Mindsets is Wai Khyru.

There are other features of Wai Khyru or Pretreatment Mindsets. Another very important feature is ‘Casting Your Seeds into the Future’. That is, to immediately envision in the eye of the heart the ultimate conclusion of the session in the most positive scenario imaginable.

Envision the receiver’s ultimate therapeutic condition as being joyful, enlightened, healed, balanced, blessed, harmonious, delighted, inspired, transcended, refreshed, invigorated, rejuvenated, prosperous and mystical amongst so many other positive scenarios possible.

The alpha and the omega or the beginning and the ending are considered the same with infinite time and space. 

Transmit comfort, confidence and security and do this with rhythm, consistency and fluidity.

The more that we can aesthetically display, exhibit, present and perform this Art with ever improving dynamic posture and creative imaging, the more elegantly we will achieve the Art’s golden resolve with its original and miraculous intention!

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