Tratak - Meditation on Light

Tratak - Meditation on Light

Tratak: Meditation on Light

If Thine Eye be Single, Thy Whole Body will be Full of Light” Christ

The Vedic Conservatory has initiated the Tratak experience to over fifty thousand aspirants in fourteen countries. 

As a result, dialogue and knowledge about Tratak is shared herein. I am privileged and delighted to present Tratak information here.

In cultures ornamented in sacramental traditions, such as, for example, the customs of ancient Bharata Varsha-India and Siam-Thailand, Tratak Meditation is a personal and a community indulgence routinely ritualized just previous to attending any social event, community gala or family ceremony. 

It is also important to mention that mothers in these classical communities would leave ghee lamps alight in the rooms of their infants.  The belief is that gazing upon the sparkling glow of the flame maintains a positive stimulation to their child’s pineal gland. 

According to Ayurvedic medicine, by the age of twelve, the pineal gland, also known as the master gland, becomes susceptible to minimized functioning, withering and atrophy. 

This condition of a dysfunctional pineal gland is now the cursed condition for most of the adult human population. 

This is critically the main subject of this paper. 

The pineal gland has not perished but has only withered and the pineal gland can be re-stimulated, reactivated with Tratak Meditation.

I am a daily practitioner of Tratak meditation for nearly a half century. 

Tratak meditation is a distinctive spiritual adornment and an exquisite jewel for awakening consciousness and soul.

Tratak meditation is sacred ceremony for Divine connection.

Tratak is soft gazing at a light source without blinking until the eyes tear. After the eyes tear, the meditator then closes the eyes and directs the attention internally to the Ajna chakra or Stapna marma region positioned between the eyebrows. 

The Jewel or after-image of the flame then naturally emerges to provide the revered and deeply cherished inner Drishti or radiance.

Tratak meditation stimulates and re-activates the pineal gland by nurturing it with light and heat.

Third Eye Access - Tratak Meditation Accesses Primordial Consciousness.

How is this possible?  How can we re-flower, refresh and rejuvenate the very gland that the animals use to know how to acclimate to their environments and when to migrate, to mate, and when to shed their fur? Is this not now of utmost critical importance communally? The current state of social affairs, with its sad effects of biological disarray to human life, is weeping for the Tratak Meditation experience of recovery.

According to the Shamans, Physicians and Healers of Vedic medicine, the pineal gland feeds upon light and heat! 

Tratak is gazing at a light source without blinking until the eyes tear, then closing the eyes, bringing the gaze inward, and focusing on the Blue Pearl of the inner Drishti afterimage. The expression gracing this medical folk art since time immemorial:  

“One teardrop is more valuable than a pearl and more precious than one hundred drops of blood”!

Jesus’ words here are also quite significant:  

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light”.

Tratak is a vehicle for us to transcend the dual nature of the mind. In Buddhist doctrine, the mind is referred to as the “tyranny of the drunken monkey!” In addition to this theology, the Vedic Sutras inform us that the mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy!  

Tratak meditation unifies our being to transcend duality.

For me, Tratak Meditation is a cherished pleasure and an essential serene beauty for my soul. 

Pleasure and pain, happiness and distress, loss and gain, success and failure, even divinity and profanity and life and death dualities are forces that are self perpetuating their existences with complimentary and antagonistic energies. 

To know youth is to know aging. To know vice is to know virtue. To know absolute is to know Relative. Yet beyond these and many more imposing and distracting dramas live our natural and essential being of Sat-Chit-Ananda  or Bliss, Ecstasy and Eternality.

Do we not have already technologies to enhance the beauty of our body’s skin, teeth, hair and nails?  Are we not now in more real and vital need to beautify our soul or Atma?

I have discovered that Tratak Meditation calms and balances our person with a mysterious  harmony. The Tratak Meditation experience emotionally compliments our being with Vairaghya or innocence also.

Tratak is non-sectarian and therefore does not polarize any religious sentiment. Tratak Meditation is an authentic vehicle and a true life thread lacing all religions on the planet together today. 

Tratak is Meditation on Light

Be childlike with Tratak Meditation. Enjoy its preparation and indulgence and multifarious benefits. Tratak is a servant teaching us consecrated wisdom. 

In science, we learn that wherever the awareness is concentrated, the electrons within that area become stimulated with the bio-activity of electro-magnetic influence. Moreover, stimulated electrons naturally attract photons or molecules of light! 

Imagine the medical benefits for one suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease! As we focus our consciousness at the center of the cranium, TratakMeditation activates the energies within the cranium and stirs the bio-electrical prana or forces at the hypothalamus-pituitary and pineal regions. This tri-glandular incitement initiates ‘the endocrine cascade’. The glandular system or ayurvedic medicine’s chakra constellation then symbiotically communicates with itself to creating a harmonic resonance within its chemical, electrical  and mechanical systems. Boom! A sense of contentment and fulfillment!

For experiencing Tratak Meditation, consider the options for a light source.

The options can be from several origins. The moon, a star, a mountain peak, a temple spire, a tree top, a mandala, a yantra design, a flower, or of course a flame. Tratak Meditation while soft gazing at the moon before going out on a date, I will assure you most honestly that all your needs on this date will easily occur for you! 

Tratak meditation is a desire tree. It is a touchstone for achieving personal dreams and desires.

I strongly recommend Tratak as an essential action to prepare for an exam or previous to participation in an athletic event. 

Be a genuine scientist. be a true researcher and experiment with Tratak meditation.

You will find the practice indispensable!

Main-Stream Medicine and Present Day Big Pharm has Successfully Demonized  the Sun. 

Hard to imagine that the wonderfully inspiring healing rays that provide color, fragrance, tastes and nourishing inspiration to all of life is somehow a demon?


For Tratak, the most recommended light source or fuel in Ayurvedic medicine is ghee or clarified butter. Though unbeknownst to most people, the use of everyday ordinary candles is to be discouraged, though sometimes acceptable, because candles are made of petroleum products. Don’t unknowingly turn your Kutir or meditation room into a polluted atmosphere.

It is a wonderful sensation indeed to use candles made with natural products such as soy oil or beeswax. Other highly-recommended light source fuel oils in Ayurvedic rituals are mustard seed oil, sesame oil and olive oil. Simply position a cotton wick in an oil lamp and ignite.

Pranam dandavats to Sriman Shyam Bhatnagar of the Princeton, New Jersey area. Respect and honor to this man. Having never met him, yet being a yoga/meditation student of his student, Barbara Waaben, in the early 1970’s, I pay my reverence and humility to this renowned chakra psychologist and meditation pioneer. His influence at bringing the contribution of peace and cultural harmony to the western countries has certainly and positively affected many souls with enlightenment and self-realization.

Please know Dear Sir, that because of the little booklet that you authored, entitled TRATAK-Meditation on Light, that graced a small coffee table in your ashram center in Princeton when I was only in my late teens, I no longer address Tratak as a technique or as a meditation style but that I address Tratak now as a Person, a Goddess, a Devi of imponderable loveliness and beauty. Such  also, I address the same for pranayama breathing and its invaluable influence on consciousness, healing and spirit. Pranayama be indeed no longer denoted for me as simply an austere modality to exercise and control. Now She, Srimati Pranayama Devi, has become a Person of mercy and goodness, a Divine Feminine Angel offering guidance with love and She is celebrated within my heart as a most kind and mysteriously-munificent Sacred Deity. Gratitude and Glorification to Srimati Tratak Devi Om and Srimati Pranayama Devi Om!

Praises and prayers to Sriman Shyam Bhatnagar!

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