How is this statement, ‘it is never somewhere else’,  pertinent to Healers, Yoga, Bodyworkers and Massage Therapy?

Clarification and Comment

With so much technical knowledge and theory optional during a treatment, and with so many procedures and methods applicable during any one individual therapeutic intention, I find, as a healer-practitioner in the art and science of Massage and Bodywork, that there is sometimes an unfortunate and impulsive tendency to abruptly discard and negate the original method intended and while also consequently dooming the potential richness and therapeutic success of this immediate healing moment.

Mistakenly and disillusioned, yet with aspirations that this new intention will be the one to provide all that is therapeutically complete, I wander fruitlessly again with hope to apply a different method.

Deluded yet optimistic even obsessive, ’repositioning’ my therapeutic intention multiple times for an alternative application, and while sometimes feeling like a raccoon prodding about for food, I eventually corrected myself and came to discover that the grass on the other side is not always greener.

Accessible Wholeness and Fullness Is Where I Am In the Moment!

Understanding, of course, that in order to satisfy the remedial resolve, a substitutional and alternative method, a new and different therapeutic procedure, may be intrinsically necessary. 

However, finally realizing that ‘somewhere else’ is frequently just another repeat of the original unsuccessful application, I resolve to hunker down and represent the possibilities of the here and now.

Moreover, while consequently resisting the impulse again to ‘therapeutically reach out and venture, I ultimately learned to become present and steadfast, to surrender to the amazing possibilities that the  present healing moment may provide.

I enrich my internal awareness with feelings of compassionate totality and completeness.

Fullness Within

Fundamentally and primary, to find the integrity of wholeness and fullness within myself required simply that I reverentially invoke the image of being devotionally connected with the Supreme Being, the ultimate sacred love and spirit. 

Remembering to remember the Divine Deity, living and loving vibrantly within our hearts, is known in Sanskrit and Ayurvedic terminology as Smaranam. 

To feel saturated with positivity and pure intention and to also successfully channel these dynamic resonances to my soul and to the recipient’s soul, required, amongst other elementary and modest needs, that I become keenly conscious to perfectly develop my inhalation and exhalation processes.

There are other internal ‘adjustments’ for achieving the ‘here and now’ essentials such as animating my internal imaging while also becoming 'conscious of consciousness'. 


And yet sometimes 'it' is somewhere else!

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Gratitude and true respect to my esteemed healing contemporaries,


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