Fully Expressing the Hamstrings

Fully Expressing the Hamstrings

This wonderful and life giving therapeutic offering, known as a hamstring stretch-release, is best effected when the receiver's leg is initially slightly flexed.

In order to refresh and to effect a fully extended posterior leg and also to bring a positive innervation to the semitendenosis, the short head of the biceps femoris muscles and the adductor magnus, the practitioner would need to first address, with various intensities and durations, the long head of the biceps femoris and the semimembranosis muscular assemblies with gentle yet repeated stretch-releasing applications.

The benefits are very rewarding!

Improved circulations of blood, lymph and neurological energies along with aligned posture and a stronger sense emotional stability and foundation also bless the fortunate receiver with amazing benefits.

The clearing of the water element, known in classical Five Element interpretation as the bladder conduit, and the valued healing access to the physio-psychic vortexes or marmani, named Sphij, Shati Urvi, Janu, Indrabasta and Parshni, all celebrated reservoirs of potential vitality, provide several more benefits.

Significantly also, the benefits to the right leg focuses positive intention in the ascending colon and the left leg will do the same to the descending colon. 

As always with the miraculous transformational qualities of Vedic Manipulative assists, several precautionary details accompany each subtle movement and moment.

Learn this procedure well and empower all in need with better health. Remove tired legs, sluggish energetics and cloudy mentality.

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