Many books have been written which describe the mysterious power available to us as we center our consciousness within the sacred dwelling place of the Navel. 


Optimally, all physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness must emanate from the navel area. 

In my personal practice, I have experienced that focusing awareness in the belly area will also bring into my consciousness the cherish-able experience of full absorption and essential oneness with everything.

I feel massage practitioners are blessed with this knowledge. 

Navel awareness will naturally include the vitality procured from a treatment of Vedic Massage! 

In Sanskrit, the mother language of all Indo-Aryan cultures, the Ayurvedic term for navel is ‘nabhar’. Nabhar can be translated as ‘bright shining stone that solves and remedies’. 

In other languages navel also means ‘to prophecy and to foretell’. 

In Greek, navel is ‘Omphallus.’ In Latin, the translation of navel it is ‘umbilicus.’ In the Thai language, the term for the navel is Sadung. The Japanese term the navel region Hara.

Curiously also, with Ayurvedic medicine, the solar plexus region is known as the ‘second brain’.

Practitioners are blessed to know this wisdom and even more so to put it into practice! 

I feel in a balanced state when my awareness factors in the natural influences emanating from the abdominal area. The belly is the fulcrum region between the forces of heaven and earth. The belly is our bio-wellspring of empowering choice.

With many years of Bodywork practice, a secret understanding has emerged. I believe that intensity, timing, focus and sequence have become of secondary importance. Of primary importance is my intention and my breathing.

It has been described that a Samurai is not holding the sacred sword with the hands. The samurai is holding the sword with the belly. The same abdominal prerequisites and subordinations are true for the instruments of the archer and the implements of the calligrapher. Previous to initiating their graceful actions, tea and flower ceremonies also require preliminary access to the viscera region’s contributions. 

Perfection of these humanitarian arts also include the surrendering experience to the natural flow of wisdom and guidance originating from the navel. 

Again, many books have been offered to us covering this exquisite subject. 

I have had personal occurrences through deep navel breathing disciplines that have been an other-worldly awakening indeed! 

I have also conversed with friends experienced with yogic pranayama. We discuss a mystical phenomenon called psychedelic breathing and ‘being transported’. 

Regarding this subject of navel power and focused breathing, there is much to share.

A Strong and Loving Recommendation. 

Let’s continue successfully to discover the awesome empowerment of the solar plexus region and and implement the navel's epic contribution to living graciously.

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