The Suggestions

The Suggestions

The Suggestions

Suggestions Used in Vedic Bodywork

When we enter a medical office of any kind, such as a doctor’s or a dentist’s office, there are always suggestions, such as on wall plagues or from a kind greeting, inviting the client to feel welcomed and safe and to be in a more positive, tranquil and relaxed condition. 

The same principle is true for The Art Bodywork.

Clients come into a Bodywork session sometimes far from being in a calm and serene emotional state; frequently quite the contrary. 

Perhaps the client has arrived from a chaotic traffic jam or an angry business negotiation. Perhaps the client is dealing with an unorganized home or has been in a negative and disagreeing conversation. Sometimes the client arrives having been in a personal exchange feeling the sorrow of a sudden loss of a dear one or a pet. Or maybe the client is experiencing a challenging internal health concern. Perhaps the client is emerging from a busy shopping experience or a challenging traffic jam.

Realistically, life delivers its fair share of confronting situations and unfortunately, there are no shortages of a variety of chaotic, confused and anxious moods.

Here are some suggestions that The VC’s curriculum has formalized and routinely includes as an instructional directive during a course. 

Previous to initiating touch with a client, it is recommended to use these and other ‘suggestions’ in private treatments also.

* Breathe. 

     The etymological root of the english word ‘breathe’ is of latin and greek influence. The words ‘spirare, spiros,  spiritum, are exonyms for the english word ‘spirit’. For attaining the spirit of relaxation, tranquility and the customary and agreeable healthy transformation, it is imperative to remind the recipient to conscientiously ‘remain’ and attune with their breathing during the session. This conscientious breathing will enhance the overall quality of the session’s experience. Because the practitioner is already embodying a significant responsibility as a therapist, the practitioner must transfer onto the recipient some of the responsibility to be open, relaxed and receptive. Directed to the recipient, the suggestion ‘to conscientiously breathe’ easily transfers this imperative suggestion and thus positively influences the ambiance of the session.

*  Silk Ropes. 

On the therapeutic books of Asian bodywork, since time immemorial, has been this elegant and very effective suggestion to feel the body become as a silk rope. Remarkably, a very effective attunement to the many currents of energy results within the mind of the reposed recipient who has received the suggestion to become as a silk rope. This highly effective intent of the ‘silk ropes’ suggestion is again one of the vc suggestions used to enhance the quality and potential of the treatment’s ultimate result. 

*  Feel the Cosmic Nest of Gravity. 

Focused towards the reclining recipient, the precise nomenclature I employ for this important and impacting suggestion: ‘This moment, please surrender to gravity and feel gravity as a secure, nurturing and comfortable embrace.’ 

Ordinarily, we are experiencing gravity as an imposing, even detrimental, force perhaps prolapsing our internal organs or inducing unsightly facial muscles. Yet, referring, in the suggestion, to gravity as an ‘embrace’ creates an empowering and welcoming experience. ‘Feel the cosmic nest’ is an accompanying suggestion to the ‘Gravity’ invitation. 

*  Color, Fragrance and Sound. 

The lungs are not the only organ that is breathing. The skin or body is also breathing. This assertion is an even more true when we consider the psychological or emotional or pranic interpretation of the breathing function. 

For the fortunate reposing recipient, the practitioner can be very creative with suggestions and imaging ideas. By submitting gentle proposals for the recipient to inhale and exhale various colors, fragrances and sounds into and out of various bodily regions, these suggestions produce obvious and very affirmative effects upon the recipient.

 Well intentioned suggestions is an excellent method to initiate a session with confidence and comfort.

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