Listening for the Echo

Listening for the Echo

Listening for the Echo 

‘Listening for the Echo is a fundamental technique taught in every Asian style of bodywork. 

‘Listening for the Echo’ is experienced when a practitioner is in full expression of a compression or a stretch. 

The ‘Echo’, an eastern expression for myo-fascial release, is the ultra-subtle sensation that occurs when the spindle cells and the brain communicate. 


Within the belly of the muscle or the tendon there is the computer department, the group of specialized cells whose job is to detect pressure, heat, and intention, etc. 

As these neurological assemblies register and record impulses, they also bio-electrically submit this information to the central nervous system. This transmission of information eventually includes the brain which then responds accordingly, issuing the appropriate response/reaction.

The time required for this communication to complete the essential full cycle is where the ‘Echo’ is to be experienced. 

The noble practitioner eavesdrops on this communication with the consciousness of respect, courtesy, and sensitivity thus enabling the well intentioned practitioner to procure the most desirable technique available.

Subsequently, the practitioner is sensitized and is awarded privy access to proceed with perfect savvy. 

That is, the practitioner can settle deeper into the compression/stretch or inversely, may act assuredly and in confidence with an expert release.

Knowing the talent of ‘Listening for the Echo’ secures for a practitioner an elite status in the art of Vedic Bodywork Therapy. 

Achieving the coveted and elite status of knowing the talent of ‘Listening for the Echo’, the practitioner can now eliminate dreaded indecisiveness and ineffectiveness.

‘Is this treatment going too fast or too slow?’

‘Am I being too strong or am I being too weak?’ 

‘Is this session good or bad?’

The practitioner may now experience the highly sought-after transcendence, vital effectiveness and unified field of the massage art. 

The individualities of the giver and the receiver must merge to disappear and be replaced with the valuable propriety of being at one with the recipient’s needs.

Western and Eastern Massage

The element that distinguishes Asian Bodywork from the typical Aromatherapy lubricant treatment is Conscious Awareness. 

With lubricant massage, Swedish style for example, the magic occurs as a result of the flowing strokes and fragrant balms. A recipient is lulled off to tranquillity and rejuvenation consequent to those dynamics. Add to this ambiance serene music and warm lighting and we have the magical medicine so well-cherished about bodywork for centuries.

However, with Asian Bodywork styles, such as Vedic, Anma, Shiatsu, Balinese, Tuina, and Thai, the medical magic occurs as a result of merging the massage talents with conscious loving awareness. 

This is not to say that these energies of conscious loving awareness are absent in our standard European bodywork. Of course these considerations are essential. However, with Asian bodywork, reverence is exclusively paid to sanctified intervention. 

Without esteemed consciousness, all other embellishments are powerless. Venerated Consciousness is the life-giver to intention, talent, expertise, and progressiveness. 

‘Listening for the Echo’ is the ultimate experience for any Vedic Bodywork session.  

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