Crafting Your Sense of Intuition

Crafting Your Sense of Intuition

Crafting Your Sense of Intuition


A typical Vedic Bodywork session addresses many issues. 

Anxiety, restlessness, emotional fatigue, muscular tensions, nervous stresses, joint aches, chakra congestions, marmic contractions and meridian stagnations, all receive a significant positive improvement from Ayurvedic Massage.

Pervading all of us, these common discomforts create an awareness within similar to being plagued by a craving. 

The cravings or the deep illusive discomforts, however, characteristically impose upon the region, be it the leg, the elbow, the knee, the back etc, the imbalances, the limitations, the stresses and the tensions compiled by a variety of influences and conditions including the emotions and the environment. 

These afflictions are craving for relief and ease and are in fact a type of bio-communication being transmitted from the receiver to the practitioner. 

In fact, achieving release from these deep and illusive hurts, and the subsequent gratification that ensues, is not only a crucial objective of any bodywork treatment, it is also a requirement for the conscientious practitioner to achieve.

Any region of the body, be it the neck, the shoulder, the lower back etc. is permeated with a primordial memory/spirit of perfect resonance, balance and vitality. 

Any bodywork session, when executed without personal conscientious involvement and skilled professional intention, holds the potential of further compounding and exacerbating a receiver’s condition.

This is a big ‘no-no’ and very undesirable! 

An Effective Technique for Securing Client Satisfaction 

There is a method available for Body-workers and Massage Therapists that will insure that each procedure will assist in guaranteeing fulfillment and remedial resolve for the client. 

Competency of this Technique - A Simple and Expert Attunement

The true communication, after we consciously distill and filter away all the extraneous signals emanating from the area and from the minds of both the giver and the receiver, fundamentally includes only three emerging messages.  The ‘communication’ is either

To Enter Deeper

To Hold or

To Yield/Release.

With each application’s full expression, in order to dissolve the deep cravings and achieve full resolve and satisfaction for the client, the practitioner must internally inquire with three questions:

Is the energy asking for a deeper effect? Is it asking for Holding? Or, is it asking to yield or release? 

Don’t be in the Dreaded Guessing Game

In order to fulfill the completion of this ultra effective therapeutic method and to confirm the correct assessment of either coming in deeper, holding or yield/release, we can further hone our craft’s intuitive talent towards perfection by also inquiring from the receiver the same three questions. Again, inquire with the receiver this time. Is this energy requiring

To Enter Deeper

To Hold or

To Yield/Release?

The Intuition Method is also a welcomed discipline for the practitioner who desires inspired education during a session and who desires to bask in the rapture of therapeutic accomplishment. 

The Intuition Technique will also eliminate the dread of guessing whether or not an ultimate effect was incurred. The Intuition Technique will also prevent the consequent energetic draining from the psycho-somatic uncertainty of whether or not the application is achieving the ultimate release/relief available for the client.

A Distress Call 

Sometimes the communicated message from the receiver is moderate in its need for attention and other times it is a critical ‘S.O.S.’ such as from a sports injury or a vehicle accident. 

These pains require effective methods in order to accomplish a full remedial condition.

In order to wholly interpret the implications and attune to these bio-communications with responsible accuracy, it is imperative that the practitioner monitors the awareness and demonstrates ultra sensitivity. 

To procure ultimate fulfillment and therapeutic resolve for your receiver, utilize the above Intuition Technique.

A Simple and Expert Attunement

Despite its apparent simplicity, accept this wonderful discipline of inquiring within and inquiring from the receiver of those three questions until it becomes inherent in your sensitivities. 

Marvel at how it has become ‘second nature’ to submit these three questions to your bio-computer and, for confirmation of accuracy, to the receiver also.  

With the submissions from this three inquiry method and its subsequent remedial result, we have successfully administered the medicine of satisfaction combined with the medicine of satisfaction’s consort, Serenity.

The natural release of gnawing tension and pain obtained through conscientious Vedic Bodywork produces sincere appreciation and indescribable gratitude.

Again, as a result of our accepting this minor yet mighty discipline in our devotion and practice of the Vedic Bodywork Arts, before we know it, our expertise will reflect perfect intuitive sensitivity and the subsequent achievement of profound curative recompense for both our client and ourselves.

Let’s not proceed any longer in our body art style while being ruled mercilessly by the dark uncertainty of guessing about the quality of the application’s effect.

Our being ambiguous about the clear need of the receiver’s distress is corrected with the implementation into the treatment of the intuition method.

Let’s humble ourselves as we apply use of the three questions continuously and routinely. Let’s not neglect to patiently articulate these three natural and empowering enquiries to our own  brain’s ‘bio-computer’, and of course to our client for confirmation of the assessment. 

Let’s assist in actualizing happy, soothed, healed, refreshed, transformed and enlightened Beings

Grace to the noble body-working artist!  

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