White Tantra Workshop in Boynton Beach, FL


11/12 march 2023


Personal Discovery into Self and Soul through White Tantra and Partner Bodywork Experience 

We will learn:

  • Personal use of the Indian and Egyptian Chakra Systems
  • The magical invocation of Intuition as a 6th Power Sense 
  • Self Intimacy thru immersion into the Spirit and Structure of Chaos

The Art of Conscious Body Language -how to use this Art in Partner Bodywork

  • Pure Bodywork for activating Marma, Chakra and Meridian Resonances 
  • White Tantra Methods with your partner (optional)
  • Strengthening Secure Bonds with your Partner

Our Workshop also includes:

  • Cacao ceremony
  • Sound healing
  • Sacred practical methods for raising kundalini,
  • Energy Boosting
  • Pineal gland, sacral and heart chakra opening