Vedic Bodywork Prone&Side Lying Positions

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Prone&Side Lying Positions Manual

Sudarshan Manual

The Ayurvedic healing methods and principles illustrated within the pages of this Sudarshan Vinyasa workbook manual are potent applications which require both practical logistics and personalized intuition to secure the best optimum and remedial results. 

The purpose of exhibiting this manual's natural images is to provide education and inspiration for aspirants of the enlightenment and healing communities. The intention of this Sudarshan Vinyasa workbook guide is to display techniques for improving both physical and emotional health. 

Yet, evidently obvious and also to the awesome responsibility of all healing professionals, the contemporary health approach today, with it's astounding progress and improvements, evolved to include the therapeutic integration of both cerebral and somatic techniques. 

By definition this means that mind and body sensitivities have now both become the required and awesome responsibilities for both the body-working artists and for the psychology professionals as well. 

The predominant objective and purpose of this manual's design is meant to instruct and motivate efficient theories, mechanics and techniques for the purpose of assisting another towards positive and enhanced well being. An inspired and lucid emotional condition is a frequent adjunct and positive symptom of Marma, Chakra, Nadi, Kosha, Dosha Yogic Bodywork. Yet consummate mental health representation requires higher education. Consummate mental health representation is only modestly included within this manual.

National health insurance's inefficiencies and prohibitive expenses, including it's convoluted and difficult access, along with the fact that the medical profession is the third major cause of death just under cancer and heart disease, is a source of more disease than healing.

Despite the fact that many are choosing the Folk Healing Crafts, such as numerology, vastu, astrology, breathing, herbs, acupuncture, nutrition, sound, color, and aroma therapies, osteopathy, chiropractic and yoga exercise as their preferred personal and family medicine, it is always a most intelligent recommendation, when necessary, to courteously refer another towards medicines of the more 'mainstream' profession.