Vedic Thai Bodywork in St. Peterburg, FL


Apr 19-21, 2024

Time: 8 am - 3 pm

Location: 3160 11th Ave, St.Peterburg,FL

A 3-day workshop offers a great chance for massage therapists, yoga instructors, healers, and anyone interested in self-transformation to start their certification journey. This workshop is a profound experience of learning and personal development. 

Vedic Thai Bodywork is a renowned healing technique that draws from a rich cultural heritage, including influences from Tibet, Thailand, and India. Known for its ability to bring about immediate and positive changes to one's overall well-being, this practice views each individual as a sacred mandala with a distinct geometric pattern.

Practitioners of Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork (VTYB) see each person as an intricate bio-electro-magnetic field, comprising elements such as shakti-prakriti light, Nadi Channels, Chakra wheels, Marmani spheres, Koshas fields, and Doshas vitalities.

10 % discount for Early Registration before March 19,2024 (use code Petersburg10)