Tratak Meditation on a Light - Restore Pineal Gland Function - Open The Third Eye


June 6, 2024

6:30-8 PM 


Atha Yoga Center 
​2219 Seacrest Blvd
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Tratak is a scientific and visceral meditation experience resulting in a profound personal insight into being conscious of consciousness. 

Sectarianism and religion is the individual’s personal choice for enhancing the ceremonial ritual, yet otherwise, Tratak is a physics for optimizing the functions of the glandular and endocrine systems including the pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary cerebral-somatic functions.

Tratak meditation provides an opportunity to enthrone the valuable inner mandala or Drishti, the center of the thousand lotus flower, with a Deified image.

Tratak meditation is an ancient process resulting in emotional stability and personal empowerment. Tratak Meditation is a fine adornment to our lives.

Smaranam means to Remember to Remember The Deity with love.

Please inquire to receive the Tratak Booklet.

Join Mukti as He shares a brief PowerPoint on the value of the pineal gland.

Previous to the Tratak Meditation experience, Mukti will share information on Vedic Mandalas, Arotik ceremony, Personal empowerments and Breathing Mantras for health and so much more.

“I never felt such clarity and simplicity in meditation before!” Kate 

“Finally, I have discovered a meditation method so natural and calming!”


~Experience the ancient method of Tratak Meditation

~Non-sectarian / Non Religious

~Ascribe your truest spiritual feelings

~ Activate Pineal gland’s optimum function

~Elucidate the Third Eye

~Be in the Center of the Thousand Petal Lotus

~Strengthen your Immune System

~Feel Tranquil