Vedic Bodywork & Massage 1008 Perspectives (Essays Book)


Want Refreshing Insights and Inspiring Perspectives into the Moments that Comprise a Healing Bodywork Session?


Massage and bodywork therapists will benefit profoundly!

 Mukti’s writings express accomplished experience and valuable descriptive ‘snapshots’ of the many occurrences that constitute any typical treatment.

Not bibliography based or with academic reference, yet Mukti’s essays, not but a page or two each, present keen orientation and indispensable contributions for his colleagues in the healing arts.

If you, as a healer, are looking for illuminated explanations from one of the most respected and well-known leaders in the Body-working Arts, saturate yourself with these earth-based and organic theoretical and philosophical insights.

Authoring titles such as:

  • You Don’t Have to Go and Get It
  • A Mountain Descending Into the Ocean
  • The Transition is Equally as Important as The Application
  • Listening for the Echo
  • Fifteen Other Ways
  • Pre-Treatment Mindsets
  • Sets of Threes
  • Puja - Wai Khryu
  • Parent-Child PC Communication
  • What is The Distraction Method?
  • Mistakes
  • What is a Psychic Disconnect PD?
  • Tratak Meditation-Re-Activation of The Third Eye
  • Primordial Resonance
  • Every Moment Every Movement is a Temple

and many more, Mukti’s purpose in writing is obvious; to perpetuate inspiration and strength for his contemporaries and to share seasoned clarity in theory and technique.

Encompassing a dedicated private practice and international teaching of close to forty years, The Essay Book is a Compilation of Fifty Four Essays.

138 pages