SPECIAL Live Streaming Event Online 2 Day Vedic Thai on Table class 10 CECs with Mukti



Mukti shares with you his Seasoned Unique and Distinct Practice

Massage Therapists, Yoga Enthusiasts, Acupuncturists, Trainers, Dancers, Martial Artists, Medical Professionals, Herbalists, and Healers of all kinds!

Infuse your present style of Bodywork with Vedic Table Methods and Perspectives.

Join Mukti for an exhilarating learning experience.

Contemporary yet Traditional Ayurvedic Table Bodywork and Massage Techniques and Theories.

Thousands of Satisfied Aspirants!

The ONLINE Exchange will include dozens of unique restorative and rejuvenating Massage Table applications.

10 CECs included

Dec 16/17, 2023 8 am-1 pm on ZOOM

Lessons will also include:

*Vedic Anatomy

*Empowering Body Mechanics

*Cautions and Benefits

*Personal Meditation Instructions

*Precision Access to Chakra's Therapeutic Epicenters

*How to Energize Nadi Channels with Rhythmic, Elegant and Comfortable Stretch Releases

*Marmani Sensitivity to psychosomatic reservoirs of infinite healing potential

*Invigoration Methods

*Enriched Intelligent Breathing Designs

*Pre-Touch Tranquilizing Suggestions and much more!