Jewelry Sudarshan Silver Disc


Positioned at the top of several of the most famous and important Temples in India, the illustrious Sudarshan Disc Emblem brings auspiciousness and sublime grace to all.

To appreciate the auspicious importance and blessings of The Sudarshan Disc Insignia, recently completed in Mayapur West Bengal, India, and also now being the largest temple in India, The Temple of Vedic Planetarium included installing a 3000 pound Golden Sudarshan Disc for its fulfillment inauguration.

Originally found in paintings and sculptures superbly and energetically adorning the hands of The Vedic Gods and Goddesses, wear your mysterious Sudarshan Disc Pendant and REAP THE MAGIC!

For you and your dear ones...


Acquire for your life a most beautiful adornment. Magnificent and munificent, adorn yourself with a silver or a gold SUDARSHAN DISC pendant.

A talented jeweler has designed a wonderful image to wear. 

Hundreds of Vedic student initiates have purchased our Gold and Silver Sudarshan Discs.

The Sudarshan Disc is always found in one of the eight hands of The Vedic Gods and Goddesses.

Classically represented in Ayurveda and spiritually fixed on the index finger of Lord Hari, the Sudarshan Disc wheel of power protects goodness, mercy, compassion and love.