Nationally Approved Vedic Thai Bodywork Workshop on a FUTON in Boynton Beach, FL


9 am - 4 pm

14 Cecs

Inspiring 2 Day Class including clear and elucidation demonstrations of all four massage ‘attitudes’ ie Supine, prone, Seated and Side Lying Postures.

Empower and energize your massage and bodywork style with Mukti’s generous educational and experienced instructions.

Sharing many Dynamic treatments to address the cranium, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, legs and feet, all the procedures are reinforced with comprehensive and traditional interpretations of theory and practicality.

Release fascia, remove outdated cellular memories, eliminate metabolic waste, increase Range of Motion, Oxygenate the blood, improve nerve and lymph circulations, balance overall emotional wellness and inspire the soul!

This 2 Day Course futon is quintessential style and effectiveness.