3 DAY Vedic Table Bodywork in Boynton Beach, FL


Receive Instruction in Serene Massage Techniques for Renewal of Physical and Psychological Well-Being. Employ Refreshing Bodyart Techniques to Unearth Invigorating Possibilities. Using centuries-old wisdom, explore the ability to improve your overall health and sense of wellbeing with advanced massage techniques. Dive deeper into the power of body art and become reinvigorated in unprecedented ways.

Study Revitalizing Massage Approaches: Marmani & Meridian Revitalization. Vedic Bodywork is a Proven Art for Wellness Practitioners, Yoga Instructors, Natural Healers, and Massage Therapists. Vedic Bodywork has been used as a valuable tool for centuries to provide wellness practitioners, yoga instructors, natural healers, and massage therapists with holistic approaches that promote revitalization and relaxation.


"Thank you for your time and conscientiousness in the making of another quality presentation of Vedic bodywork assists, offerings, and philosophy.   I Always find these classes Inspiring, invigorating, and refreshing for my spirit." Chris Pohl

Location: Sol Oasis Yoga Studio, Boynton beach, FL