3 day Vedic Thai Bodywork in Austria 2024


Vedic Futon Style 
Ignite Your Massage, BodyArt and Yoga Passions!
Experience Elegance and Power

6-8 July, 2024

All Bodyworkers, Yoga Enthusiasts, Trainers, Dancers, Martial Artists, Medical Professionals, Acupuncturists and Folk Artists!

All Healers

Study with a recognized Leader

PARTICIPATION IS OPEN TO ALL No experience in Yoga or Bodywork Massage is necessary.

"What a transformation weekend! I still feel in the clouds. Thank you so much to my teacher Mukti Michael Buck for this great gift that is so much more than I could have imagined. Friends, if you are interested in Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, please look to the Vedic Conservatory for training. Mukti Michael Buck is an inspirational, transformational teacher who shares the living, breathing, and feeling spirit of this art form. His time, knowledge, and loving presence is a great gift I will forever cherish."  

-Lady Anne Vagoner; Student 

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