3 Day Futon Class - Miami

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Miami Class -Synergy Yoga 5-7 Feb, 2020

21 CECs

Vedic Thai Bodywork is a wonderful addition to any yoga instructor's, holistic practitioner's, massage therapist's, or healer's skill set.This sacred art provides increased peace of mind for the student's or client's experience while also increasing your income.

You Will Learn:

* More developed techniques and theories which provide you with a 2-hour treatment protocol including additional fundamental lessons in supine, side-lying, seated and prone positions.

*Ayurvedic anatomical terminologies and familiarity with identifying marmani, chakra and Nadi channel bodily locations.

*Simple breathing and meditation methods for personal and session enhancements.*

Elegant therapeutic sequences, both brief and extended, for addressing natural bodily and emotional imbalances and discomforts.

*Sharing anecdotal experiences about one's personal healing path.

*Essay readings and practicum partnering exchanges.

*Additional marmani, chakra, and Nadi application methods.

At the end, you will receive 24 CEUS by NCBTMB::

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and T.H.A.I

If you are unfamiliar with Vedic Thai Bodywork, here is an introduction from Michael 'Mukti' Buck, founder of the Vedic Conservatory.