Vedic Bodywork-Marma Point Therapy 2 Day Futon Massage Class

by Mukti

Vedic Bodywork and Massage


Side-Lying and Seated Methods including Ayurvedic Hand/Foot Reflexology and Facials

14 CECs with NCBTMB

5/6 Dec

9am-4pm Sat/Sun


Ayurvedic or Vedic is a composite Bodywork/Massage style comprising talents which include the Southeast Asian Methods of Thai, Japanese Shiatsu/Anma and Chinese Tuina.

Empower and usher your present bodywork modality to another amazing level.

For over two decades, Mukti’s international presentations have initiated over fifty thousand students in fourteen countries.
Authoring nine different manuals which illustrate fascinating techniques and inspiring earth based theories, Mukti will enhance and electrify your present methodologies and contributions in Bodywork and healing.

Mukti’s class is a polished and uplifting experience not to be missed by any devoted bodywork practitioner and healer.”

You will learn:

*Vedic anatomical terms and positions

*Stress relieving rhythmic compressions

*Tension releasing comfortable stretches

*Several simple therapeutic Assists for increasing vital circulations of blood, lymph and nerves

*Choreographed and individual sequences for improving and rejuvenating posture

*Marma, Chakra and Dosha assessments for vitality

*Efficient body mechanics

*Practical Meditation and Breathing for emotional clarity

*important theoretical insights for earth aligned balance and bases


Delray Beach, FL [Mukti's Home]