The Art of Letting Go

Vedic Thai Bodywork EVENT

Oct 9-15, 2023

Delray Beach, FL

8 am - 3 pm

Vedic Bodywork - The Gathering of Healers  

Marmani and Meridian Methods 

Futon and Table Procedures

Supine, Prone, Side lying, Seated Restorative Therapeutics / Rejuvenative Posturing

The VedicConservatory’s Biannual 7-Day Event! 

Study with dedicated and talented contemporaries

Classical yet Modern - Traditional yet Current 

Massage and Bodywork Techniques and Theories 

Dynamic Stretch Releases with Rhythmic and Precision Compression Therapy

Vedic Futon/Table Style
Ignite your Massage and BodyArt Passions!
Experience Elegance and Power

All Bodyworkers, Yoga Enthusiasts, Trainers, Dancers, Martial Artists, Medical Professionals, Acupuncturists and Folk Artists!

All Healers

Study with a recognized Leader

PARTICIPATION IS OPEN TO ALL No experience in Yoga or Bodywork Massage is necessary.

"What a transformation weekend! I still feel in the clouds. Thank you so much to my teacher Mukti Michael Buck for this great gift that is so much more than I could have imagined. Friends, if you are interested in Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, please look to the Vedic Conservatory for training. Mukti Michael Buck is an inspirational, transformation teacher who shares the living, breathing, feeling spirit of this art form. His time, knowledge, and loving presence is a great gift I will forever cherish."  

-Lady Anne Vagoner; Student 

Inspire the emotions and tranquilize the body with Marma Point and Channel Talents.

The Art and Science of Vedic Bodywork and Massage

You will Learn:
Futon/Table Modalities

  • Seasoned techniques and theories
  • 4-hour treatment sequence including lessons in supine, side-lying, seated and prone positions.
  • Ayurvedic anatomy and terminologies
  • Familiarity with marmani, chakra and Nadi Healing Assets.
  • Breathing and Meditation methods for personal empowerment and session enhancements.
  • Both brief and extended Sequences for addressing common bodily discomforts and emotional imbalances.

Share and learn through anecdotal experiences about one's personal healing path.

Share essay readings and practicum partnering exchanges.

Receive 30 CECS w NCBTMB National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

and T.H.A.I Thai Healing Alliance International

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