Study from Home

Torso and Arms Class
21 June 10 a .m. EST time
2 cecs

After registration, you will receive a link to Zoom class
Please be ready 10 min before class starts
Enjoy the class!

Celebrate Summer Solstice !
Ayurvedic Massage
Torso and Arms 2 Hour online Class
June 21 Sunday
10am - 12 noon
2 CECs

Learn Amazing Methods for:

*Energizing Sexual Vitality
*Strengthen Immunity
*Increasing Your Clients Breathing Volume
*Stimulating Thymus and Thyroid Functioning
*Correcting Rounded Shoulders/Poor Posture
*Activating the Lymphatic System
*Releasing Thoracic Congestions
*Mobilizing The Three Fires of Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination
*Invigorate Your Soul!