The Official VC Teacher Certification Credential Process

To acquire the highly prestigious VC Teacher Certification Credential here are the requirements:

*250 hours of attendance in any of The VC courses. [Official 250 Hour Certificate awarded] See VC Schedule page for available courses.

*Attendance in a minimum of three VC Seven Day Courses [or three VC Five Day Courses if VC Seven Day are not being offered].

*Submission of 100 sessions documented on official VC Intake forms. [See tabs]

 *Attendance in an official 200 hour Yoga Teacher's Training [YTT] Program or attendance in an official 200 hour education of an equal program ex: Dr Vasant Lad's School, Acupuncture Education, Massage School etc. Speak with Mukti about special concessions ex: Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Herbolgy.

Recommended Schools See VC Schedule [though not limited to.]

 *Attendance in one VC Thailand Student Study Tour.

 *Personal interview with Mukti