The Vedic Conservatory's 2024 Annual
Thailand Cultural Study Tour

Celebrate Thailand's Loi Krathong Festival
Join VC Tribe
Thailand Adventure and Discovery!
Nov 7-21, 2024

"We provide YOU with excellent professional courtesy and our accommodations are most comfortable and pleasant!"

"Words don't describe Thailand's mystique!"

“Mother Siam's serene spirit is an exhilaration!"

“The caring people and the cooperative spirit of Thailand is a joy to feel!"

We are most excited to greet you on Nov 7, 2024 with our delicious welcoming meal at 6pm!

Our group flies into Chiang Mai, Thailand Airport

We meet and greet each other on the evening of Nov 9, 2024 at our lodging guesthouse.

Prepare for the time of your life with exotic meals, bohemian villages, Thai massages, inspiring temple excursions, and the spirit of SAWADEE!

Travel light! From clothing to cosmetics, from jewelry to jungles, everything is there for you!

Travel Planning

If you are arriving previous to Nov 7th, please be responsible to arrange your own lodging and transportation to Hotel as your reservation begins with The VC team on Nov 7th, 2024.

The journey to Thailand requires crossing several time zones, including extended hours in flight. 

Just as a suggestion, perhaps you want to arrive a day or two early so as to make the adjustments. 

As a suggestion also for your seating on the plane, Mukti recommends reserving preferably a window seat. An aisle seat would be the second recommendation, but a middle seat is not a preferred seat. 

Please secure a ride, a taxi or a red truck shuttle, from the airport to the Hotel.

The taxi ride is usually only 10-15 minutes from the airport to the hotel guesthouse with a modest cost of $10.

When possible, we will be at the airport to greet you. Otherwise, we will greet you at the Hotel.

Delicious breakfast is complimentary each day at the Hotel.

The VC honors our adventurous travelers with a Welcoming and a Farewell sumptuous Thai Dinner Celebration.

Your exotic experience includes Thai Massage School, Thai Cooking School, Thai Elephant Sanctuary and Temple Excursions! And much More!

As a suggestion, all necessities, such as cosmetics, deodorants , clothings, food and gifts etc are all reasonably priced in Thailand. So please travel light so that upon your return your suitcase will have room and you will not be charged excess weight from airlines.

This year we will again host a large group of approximately 15 attending.

It is our personal satisfaction and dream to again have each and all be satisfied and fulfilled with The VC Thailand Student Study Tour.

Serafima asks for your assistance with cooperation, coordinating and maneuvering the attendees [herding cats!]

We take care of each other, support each other, help each other and make this a most wonderful adventure and experience,


*Tuition Payment Note:

So as not to incurr the 3% additional service charge to your tuition, use Zelle or Venmo for deposit and balance.

Access to

Zelle is 561-441-9103

Venmo @Michael-Buck-568

Nov 7-21, 2024  

15 day trip- $2400

Join the Vedic Conservatory's 16th mystical study tour to Thailand!.

Let Mother Siam open your heart and soothe your soul.

Education with indigenous massage teachers including herbal compressing methods and Tok Sen!

Experience refreshing Buddhist Temple Quiet Times. Rejuvenate your spirit!

Nov 7 Arrival and Welcoming Dinner 7 pm
Nov 8 Doi Sutep Temple and Wat Palad (6 am - 4 pm)
Nov 9 Elephant Sanctuary (7 am - 1 pm)
Nov 10 Cooking School

Nov 11-15 Thai Massage School Study

Nov 16 Reflexology Class

Nov 17 National Monument / Waterfall Day

Nov 18 Leisure Day [Scooters/Massages]

Nov 19 Leisure Day Market Day

Nov 20 Chiang Rai - White/Blue/Black Temples (optional)

Nov 21 - Departure Home

After school hours provide plenty of personal leisure time for cultural adventure including Temple discoveries, night marketing and other evening excursions.

  • 15 days Thailand Study Tour includes:

  • One Day Traditional Folk Herbal Medicine Class and Tok Sen
  • One Day of Traditional Foot Reflexology
  • Five Day Traditional Thai Massage Class with a Thai Teacher
  • Lodging - Twin Room Share is standard [Single room choice is additional price]
  • Complimentary Breakfast each morning 6-10am
  • Doi Suthep / Wat Palad Temple Experience
  • Elephant Sanctuary
  • Thai School provides sumptuous lunch each day
  • Waterfall Day

With Spiritual Enchantment, Personal Enrichment, Mystery and Massages Galore!

Doesn't include:

  • Individual airfare

Total Tuition for the Tour: 

$2400 [$1100 Deposit non-refundable]

Final payment due Oct 1, 2024

After Aug 1, 2024 tuition will be $2600

Tour price includes Hotel Lodging, Massage School, Cooking School and Elephant Sanctuary Tuitions, Most Shuttles, Temple and Park Admissions. Welcoming and Farewell Dinners are complimentary.

FB Mukti Michael Buck, Serafima Di




The Vedic Conservatory offers a Special Evening!

Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Enter a room filled with a variety of the most delicate and deep singing bowls and gongs. Lie down comfortably. Open to relax.

An expert and devoted musician ushers in a gentle vibrational saturation to permeate our being with a refreshing wonder and enchanting fascination.

School Schedule  36 Continuing Education Credits [CECs]

Monday Nov 11
Thai Reflexology Foot Massage
One hour break for lunch
Methods for Treating Leg Energy Lines
Tuesday Nov 12
Methods for Treating Belly
One hour break for lunch
Methods for Improving Posture
Wednesday Nov 13
Methods for Treating Arms and Hands
One hour break for lunch
Methods for Treating Shoulders, Neck, Head and Face
Thursday Nov 14
9-4pm Learn Methods for Enhancing Vital Circulations. Practice Day!
Friday Nov 15
Lessons with Mukti
Saturday Nov 16
Herbal Class/Steaming Sauna/Tok Sen
Vedic Thai Bodywork - General and Targeted Applications
Workbook Manual Issued * Certificate of Attendance Awarded
Schedule is subject to slight changes

The feature of The VC Thailand Culture Tour is always about quality and inspired personal experience.

We together celebrate travel discovery, adventure and the awesome Art of Traditional Thai Massage and Herbal Folk Medicine.” Mukti

Vedic Conservatory Experience

About VC Lodging in ChiangMai

Repose into a world of luxury, colonial charm and Thai beauty. ChiangMai's myriad of cultural highlights surround our distinctly chosen accommodations. Our lodging location is always of the most enchanting. Clean and efficient, your comfort and security is guaranteed with easy access to all the local excitements.

Your accommodations, shuttles and assistance is always met with the most personal care.

Air transport questions availablde.

Contact Mukti / Serafima

Thailand, The Land of Smiles