Songkran is Thailand's New Year and it's a time to be cleansed of the previous year and receive many blessings.
There are only 10 spaces available and the trip is already filling. Contact to reserve your place. It's extra special.

Visit the Elephants and enjoy their playful kind nature. Be inspired by their sensitivity and intelligence, Our visits support their rescue and safety. Walk like an elephant!

Join the group private with Suriyan and explore beneath the lines and layers. His Master is translating the ancient Thai Massage practices from palm leaf's and Suriyan is helping him translate the teachings into English. I have had the privilege of studying with Suriyan for 7 years, and this past November, there was a whole new Suriyan. I can't wait. He has applied element theory and Ayurvedic practices and dove farther into the Vedic aspects of Thai Massage. We have a new manual! You won't be disappointed. We will also study herbal with Dot Pho, who is a treasure of wisdom. No one applies Luk Pra Kob like Dot. Learn from the best. Truly you will authenticate your art. You will also receive a certificate.


Sudevi will be your trip leader. This is the 9th itinerary she has created and, her 9th year to bring students to Thailand. It is her absolute joy to share her favorite teachers, temples, elephant sanctuary, cooking school, markets, hot springs, spas, and islands. There will be a special blessing this year. You can feel confident about this adventure.

All transportation to scheduled events including intra country flights will be covered. The trip will culminate beachside with long tail boats and snorkel/kayak options. It will be amazing! Hotel and breakfast extravaganza included. Think vegan cocoanut yogurt, fruit, fresh juice, eggs if you want them, scrambled tofu, banana pancakes...and more.

"I knew it was going to be good, but it exceeded my expectations!"

~Dr. Maria Victoria Pizano
2018 Thailand Adventuress Miami, Fl
[Sudevi] [850-791-8259]]

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$3200 by March 1, 2018, $3600 after. $1,170 holds your space. Flight to the islands and island sojourn included..

Please note that the flight to the islands, accommodations, and activities are INCLUDED in April's trip. If you'd like to opt out of the island portion of April's trip, please contact Sudevi for individual pricing. or FB message her at Sudevi Kramer.”

The moment your feet touch the soil you feel the pulse of Thailand (Mother Siam), and you know you are somehow home. People demonstrate Metta (loving consciousness in action) in their daily lives and this permeates the culture. The culture demonstrates an intimate connectivity that is also a metaphor in Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork. The pranic flow is tangible and you can feel the country’s breath. Many people return from Thailand and change their lives and the way they practice. Going to Thailand you learn more than Thai Massage, though there is plenty of classroom time.

 By receiving so much bodywork, (Ideally one can take at least one session daily), and being cradled by the mother of the work, you as a vehicle for giving are completely transformed. The training, the people, the food, the night markets, the temples, are all indescribable and any description pales in comparison. We have created a safe environment for you to study and enjoy the fruits of the mother. It really is something one must experience to fully comprehend. The sheer beauty of the country is enough to make you want to never leave, and I could definitely live there as many westerners have chosen to do. It’s a love affair and you will yearn for her long after you return to your country of origin. We look forward to sharing Thailand with you. Swadee Kah'

Sudevi Thailand Testimonial